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Cisar Stories Part 2

By Staff | May 26, 2021

Coach Dave Cisar at a recent game

John Bungard: I have many coach stories both as a player and a spectator. One that will never leave my mind though has nothing to do with sports. In 2017 my mother passed away. My mind was in a fog for days. We stood at the cemetery and after the ceremony I turned around to see coach. I walked to him and received a handshake & hug. He asked what had happened. He said that he had read it in the Chronicle and couldn’t believe it. He said, “The Bungards, everybody loves them.” He then told me to make sure my dad knew if there was anything he needed just to call him. Then he mentioned something that caught me off guard, he said, “Sorry I didn’t come to the funeral home. I didn’t want to come in my coach clothes. I’ve been waiting over there under that tree for about an hour.” Slowly the rest of my family familiar with coach approached and eventually my dad. Everyone took a lot of comfort in his kind words and thoughtfulness. Now I call him “Coach” just like everyone else but when a guy who hasn’t seen you in twenty years spends an hour waiting under a tree just to make sure he gets to see your family and offer his condolences, that’s a lot more than a coach. Grateful for coach and the community of good folks I grew up with.