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From My View for June 12

By Staff | Jun 12, 2019

This will be my last week working here full-time. I want to thank so many people, but before that I want to thank all the area athletes, as well as all the many different coaches who I have covered since August of 2003.

The players have been my focal point since Day 1, to mention them in my stories as well as catching them in action playing all the sports our schools have for the students to participate in.

However, if it wasn’t for my wonderful wife, I couldn’t have done this job.

I wasn’t one of the top students, but I wasn’t one of the worst either. I had to study real hard to keep the grades enough to participate in sports. I also wasn’t the best athlete, but I wasn’t the worse either. However all the coaches were fair and gave all the athletes a chance to better themselves not only as an individual, but as a teammate.

I believe if you’re given a chance and you work at it, you can do almost anything you set your mind to it, and when you have the right teachers, coaches, bosses, teammates and soul-mate, anything is possible. I had them all.

The teachers and coaches we have here in this small area are top notch people. They always put the student-athletes first, and winning second.

I personally wanted to first thank my former Wetzel Chronicle boss Mike Galluzzo in hiring me the first day I came into the office to apply for the job. I wasn’t a top English student who new all the grammar stuff, as well as computers. I knew the basic stuff and was willing to learn all I needed.

I am the last one standing as I have outlasted many different managers, editors, secretaries, ad people as well as reporters. To all of them, as all the many different sports writers I have met along the way, I want to thank-you for your never-ending friendships and comaraderie.

The Wetzel Chronicle is keeping me on as a part-time reporter, so I will still be around a few athletic events. My hope is that the paper can find that diamond in the rough to step up and take a hold of this job. I know he or she is out there.

I would like to say in sports, as well as in life, you must set goals for yourself, and your team (as your family would be your team in life). Besides setting goals, you must train, practice and have that one thing that is always needed (dedication). Hard-working people, just like sports, must study, practice and set good examples because you never know who is watching. One that is always watching is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We all need to be hard-working disciples that are Christians, we all commit sin, but in return we need to know when we do to work hard at it and not commit that sin again and again.

That’s the way our area athletes must do when they make a bad decision in a game – practice harder so you won’t make that mistake again and again.

Also remember to get your physical and school packet filled out before practices start in August.

One last thing, our church is having Vacation Bible School this coming Monday through Friday from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Steelton Church of Christ. And by the way, I’m the teenage teacher Wednesday and Thursday, with Friday being our annual fun day, and picnic in our new commons area, as well as games out-side, weather permitting.

Friday will be my last official day as a full-time reporter, but I will still be around some. It’s been nice but its time for me to slow down and smell the roses as they say. I have missed so much of seeing my grandchildren in Virginia when they have something going on, and the days my wife was off, I still covered things and that’s not kosher, too.

Plus, I need to be around more to help my sister with our mom, so she can go see her grandchildren in Maryland a lot more than she does. Plus, I want to b e able to do more at our church, visit with some, and get to know our wonderful church family better than I have.

See ya around, I will still be writing a column, so its not good-bye.