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By Staff | Feb 27, 2019

What a stash Valley High School gave me on its Senior Night, AGAIN! They also honored me on the girls basketball Senior Night too, but all the gifts on this night was just overwhelming, and I “DO” appreciate it more than you ever know. Thanks so very much.

I covered the second annual Magnolia High School Archery Tournament, as well as the local Scouts’ annual Pinewood Derby at New Martinsville, and was overwhelmed by both. I wanted to cover them both in my column this week.

The second annual MHS Archery Tournament was something special. It was organized very well, and MHS Head Coach Jesse Robinson and her team put on a whale of a tournament.

They had five high school teams and four middle school teams with only Hundred as the only other area team, as well as Cameron and John Marshall attending. I know archery is big in this area during deer season, and it was a shame we don’t have more area teams participating.

They had helpers everywhere you looked. From welcoming people, concessions, keeping score, announcing, cleaning up and making safety the top priority with people everywhere. Again Brian Castilow was “Johnny-on-the-spot” in helping do anything he could, along with Assistant MHS Principal Mark Batton and his lovely bride. I believe every parent was doing something. The crowd was awesome, as one side of the gymnasium floor was jam-packed throughout the day, especially at the end when they gave the awards.

If you have a high school or middle school student in Wetzel and Tyler County, and don’t have archery, get on board.

During the archery tournament, I left to cover the Pinewood Derby. Talking about a well-run event, it really was.

Anytime you have Scouts you know it’s going to be well organized. They also had many, many Scout leaders on hand. I could ramble on, but I’m telling you, if you have a young child, male or female, get them involved. It’s awesome. Period!

When you talk about watching a race, the Pinewood Derby is just as exciting as watching race car drivers. I’m really not quite sure how many Pinewood Derby cars they had, but it had to be more than 150 cars. The kids did such a nice job painting their cars, and watching the young Scouts cheer on their cars – as well as their parents and grandparents – was price of admission in itself.

Talking about concessions, they were right up there with the Archery Tournament, but I will have to give the Scouts the best, as I got a few hot dogs and pop free.

There will be a list with pictures of the Pinewood Derby and the Archery Tournament, check it out.

If I had to keep doing this, I might have to retire a bit sooner than the end of the spring sports, the way they had me going everywhere and reporting these exciting sports-related activities.