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Valentine’s Day is Everyday

By Ed Parsons - Editor | Feb 11, 2021

February 14, is the best designated Holiday of the year. It’s commonly known as Valentine’s, but to me for the past 46 years it’s been Sweethearts Day. I got that early on from my great grandmother who always reminded my great grandfather when sweetheart day rolled around. She expected her box of chocolates and his tender voice of there’s my sweetheart.

They owned a farm down out on Proctor Creek, back up in the holler at the bottom the hill near Palestine. Her father was Marion Moore a well known business man and school administrator in the early 1900’s.

I spent many days at the farm, helping round up cattle, loading hay, working the garden, gathering eggs, honing my skills shooting the 22 rifle, and swimming in the creek. There was plenty more to do as the cows needed milked and the horses needed rode. One Sunday while riding old Grey, a plane flew over and broke the sound barrier, setting off a sonic boom that caused Grey to buck me to the ground which in return put me out of commission for a few days. But, grandma’s horse lintiment took the soreness out fairly easy.

Back to Sweethearts day, my wife and I have celebrated it annually since we first got married in 1974. On several occasions I would take my mother and her mother out for dinner and brag that I brought my three sweethearts with me. But, the truth is I only had one, and she’s still the one with me today.

I’ve thought about that a lot over the years. I wondered what effect it has on kids when they hear kind remarks coming out of the mouths of their parents and grandparents. For me it stuck when grandpa called grandma sweetie, I knew to call my gal sweetheart, especially when the kids were around. Granted I called her a lot of other names over the years that I didn’t want kids to hear, but I think it’s important to not only tell your sweetheart you love them, but to let others know as well.

I was always shy and afraid to ask someone to be my Valentine, one of my teachers in grade school told me not to worry, she said I had a good sense of humor which makes me more attractive. I never knew that, I always thought you had to tell some girl you loved them, and that made me nervous. I later found out humor is a key to attraction and love. It is way better than a box of chocolate or a dozen roses.

My sweetheart always laughs at my jokes and humor, while a box of chocolates and roses always makes her suspicious, be sure to always be sweet to significant others, and not just once a year.

Be a sweetheart, schedule priority time together, set a date night every week or two, just to spend time together and talk. Laugh together. When was the last time you shared a funny story and chuckled with each other? Loosen up and laugh freely. Live lightheartedly!

Be romantic together. Send your spouse a note of encouragement once in a while just to say, “I love you.” Spend one or two weekends away each year just with your wife.

Happy Sweetheart Day!