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Community Heartbreak

By Staff | Apr 10, 2018

The month of April has been a tough one for our county.

Three residents lost their lives in separate vehicle accidents. On Tuesday evening, while first responders were helping at the scene of one of those fatal accidents, New Martinsville police were responding to another tragedy. An innocent baby boy, blue and barely breathing.

A man has since been placed behind bars, charged with inflicting the unimaginable.

With all of these events, we are left feeling rather numb, rather hopeless. We feel helpless as well, unable to do anything for the loved ones surrounding these victims.

We have found the best we can do… is to do what we can. Keep the suffering in our thoughts and our prayers, if we are inclined to prayer. Do not forget the first responders, the brave men and women on the front lines of these terrible tragedies.

Spread kindness, in any way we can. A smile, a compliment, a charitable act… those add up.

Together we can restore hope, and hopefully do our part in bringing a better tomorrow.