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Wetzel County Commission Donates to Paden City Labor Day Celebration

By Rick Loy - Staff Writer | May 19, 2021

The Wetzel County Commissioners met on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 for a regular scheduled meeting at the Commission office to hear agenda items.

All Commissioners were present. Commission President Lisa Heasley after leading in the Pledge of Allegiance called meeting to order.

First item addressed was the minutes from May 4, meeting being approved unanimously by commission.

President Heasley was appointed to authorize, into agreement with the Child Advocacy Center Grant Agreement and documents on how to allocate grant funds. Commissioner Greg Morris made the motion to appoint Heasley, seconded by Commissioner Carla McBee.

The motion was granted.

Wetzel County Assessor Scott Lemley was present to open a bid from TASC (Total Assessment Solutions Corporation) to conduct personal property audits on all the county well sites.

The cost of the proposed bid from TASC was for $375,000.00 to audit all equipment, property, and documentation for the county to assess the Gas & Oil companies personal property values. Lemley said he will review the bid and move forward covering the cost from the Assessor’s office allocated funds.

He said it is something that is much needed to free up his office with all the new wells being drilled in our county and to get a true assessment.

Raymond “BB” Smith and Susan Wade from the Paden City Labor Day Committee were present to request funding for this years Labor Day Celebration.

This year’s celebration will not start on Friday evening and will be on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. A motion to donate $15,000 to the Labor Day Celebration was made and given unanimous approval by the commission.