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Free Straw For Paws

By Staff | Feb 17, 2021

The Wetzel County Animal Welfare League, Inc. has purchased and is providing free straw to residents for outdoor dog and cat houses to keep their animals warm this winter.

The group of volunteers has purchased straw and has it stored at a designated location for pick up. They have also delivered straw to those in need whenever possible.

The organization wants people to be aware that blankets do not provide warmth in freezing weather. The group also wants people not to hesitate to call or text because the group is available to help residents take care of their animals, providing proper shelter, food, guidance, spay/ neuter, and medical assistance.

Anyone interested in straw or housing can call 304-815-4145 and leave a message or private message on their Facebook site.

The group goes on to say, Be aware that dogs and cats are happiest and healthiest when kept indoors. However if your animal is outside much of the day they need the protection of a dry, draft free shelter that is large enough for the dog to sit and lay down but small enough to hold in their body heat.

The floor should be a few inches off the ground and covered with straw. The house should be turned to face away from the wind.

Pets outdoors also need more food in the winter, because keeping warm depletes energy. Please routinely check your pets water dish to make sure the water is not frozen and use plastic bowls rather than metal in the winter. When the temperature is low your pets tongue can stick and freeze to the metal!

Also please make sure your horses and livestock have access to a barn or shelter so they can escape wind and cold. They really need access to unfrozen water at all times.

Horses and livestock need fed more forage during extreme cold. This will help your livestock create heat and regulate their body temperatures. Donations are being accepted to purchase more straw and dog houses!