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Shepherd Announces Candidacy For Wetzel County Magistrate

By Staff | Mar 4, 2020

Jeremy Shepherd

Jeremy Shepherd is pleased to announce his candidacy for Wetzel County Magistrate. Born and raised in New Martinsville and a graduate from Magnolia High School, he received a bachelor’s degree in computer science from West Virginia Wesleyan College and a second bachelor’s degree in athletic training from James Madison University. He holds a master’s degree in athletic training from California University of PA. He is a member of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League, the NRA, Trout Unlimited, NWTF – Lewis Wetzel Chapter, and Moose Lodge 931.

In addition to his extensive education, he has a wide variety of work experience. He has served as an athletic trainer for both the San Diego Chargers and the Detroit Lions of the NFL. He has also used that same knowledge and expertise on a local level when he worked at Mountain River Physical Therapy in New Martinsville and for NovaCare Rehabilitation at the coal mines of CONSOL Energy. While working as a computer system analyst with Lockheed Martin in Washington, DC, he obtained a security clearance and had contracts with both the CIA and the Department of Defense. “Working in more urban areas has given me a unique perspective that I feel can be helpful in my small town, as well,” he says.

Jeremy moved back to his hometown a decade ago, and since that time has served the community well. He co-founded Prodigy Wellness Center and held an elected position on city council, representing the Brooklyn/downtown area of New Martinsville. He founded two real estate investment firms that he manages and operates, and he currently is a school bus operator for Wetzel County Schools in the New Martinsville, Proctor, and Paden City areas.

Shepherd’s career choices and work history have given him the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people. “I believe that working with people who have been on both sides of the law gives me an advantage in dispensing judgement to those who might find themselves on the wrong side of the law. I can give fair and impartial consideration and interpretation of the law to all parties involved. No person and no set of circumstances are alike, so I will approach each case on an individual basis.”

Jeremy believes that his life experiences have given him some valuable insights. “Not everyone has been fortunate enough to acquire a skill set for making good choices. I am no-nonsense, thanks to an “old school” upbringing and not easily manipulated; I believe there are consequences for poor decisions. I intend to make sure that justice is served. However, it is important to me that offenders of the law not walk through my door again. I believe that education, counseling, service to others, and a support system are important, and I want to provide that awareness and exposure to those who may need it. I am currently forming a non-profit organization with the intent to address the needs of at-risk youth for whom college is not an option, providing guidance in trade school programs and mentorship with business plans and proposals. I would ultimately like to see this organization work conjointly with our drug court.”

“I think my level of education and my work experience demonstrate that I have an aptitude for learning, a desire to expose myself to challenges, and the drive to meet those challenges. If I am elected as magistrate, I pledge to take this passion and work ethic with me as I serve the citizens of Wetzel County. I am level headed and analytical in my decision making. I am a quick study. I will apply the law with both fairness and impartiality. In order to maintain this impartiality and neutrality, I will be funding my own campaign and will not be accepting campaign donations, nor will I be seeking public endorsements. I humbly ask for your vote on May 12th. Please find me at shepherd4magistrate.com and on Facebook at fb.me/shepherd4magistrate.”