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New Martinsville School Decks the Halls

By Staff | Dec 18, 2019

Pictured are staff and students of New Martinsville School in front of the tree donated by Walmart. Staff from left to right is Sarah Kinczel, Jackie Patterson, Brenda Brookover, Jonathan Snider, Fay Pritchard, Linda Zeh, and Angie, a Manager of Walmart.

While preparing to decorate the school for the Christmas season, New Martinsville School secretary Jonathan Snider noticed that they didn’t have a tree. It was his desire, he explained, for the school to not only show the festive spirit to all who enter, but also to provide students a Christmas experience complete with a tree as not all students will receive this.

With this desire in place, Snider reached out to Walmart to see if they’d be willing to donate to them in chance of making children smile in wonder. To his pleasure, Walmart agreed and a tree was delivered to the school.

Snider spent the week of Thanksgiving decorating the office and the tree with ornaments that were purchased with the help of the PTO.

“Not every child gets to experience Christmas, or a Christmas tree.” Snider expressed. “Therefore, we decided to spread some Christmas cheer to all of our students by decorating, playing music in the hallway, and putting up a Christmas tree. We trust this will help to encourage a positive and joyful atmosphere at New Martinsville School, where our focus remains all about the children.”