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From My View For October 30

By Staff | Oct 30, 2019

I would love to start my column thanking Bev Gibb and the New Martinsville Parks and Recreation for putting on the Bruce Park Boo at the Park. I have been on the Parks Commission for a couple years now, and I was shocked to see all the many kids and grown-ups present at this years event.

I’m ashamed that I haven’t been present the last couple of years that this free program has been put on. There were more than 800 kids 12 and under, as well as over 2,000 people present along with 36 businesses and organizations from our local community passing out free candy and merchandise.

Not only did they pass out candy to over 800 kids, they also let the little goblins play miniature golf as well as passing out free coupons, all at no cost to the parents.

Dan Henthorn and his Theater group the Griffin Players, have been working tirelessly to give anyone a scare at their Haunted Boo Maze at the Bruce Pool. The theater group is charging $5 for anyone to risk going through the Bruce Pool Maze. They have been working for many weeks in making the Maze exciting for all.

All the money they receive goes to the Theater group to pay for their expenses and for their many costumes they get, not only for the Haunted Bruce Pool Maze, but for all they do.

When you have a big project like this there are things you find to make it better and better. The Parking was heavy, and people had to park their vehicles as far as the MHS which isn’t that far. The weather was fantastic and the look on the kids faces as well as the adults and the businesses and organization faces said it all.

We as a Park Commission know we have lots to do in trying to keep our community with a nice park to do things and I’m so tickled Pink that this project is ranked pretty high.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas nearing we need to give thanks to what we have here in New Martinsville and the surrounding area’s we need to not only thank Bev Gibb and her staff, on all they do for us. Just a thank you can go along way, and as a citizen of New Martinsville I thank you Bev and Lauren for all you do for us.