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“From My View” for 12/30

By Bruce Crawford - Staff Writer | Dec 30, 2020

Its easy to say we all hope that we don’t see anything like 2020 to ever trickle into the 2021. But with all the Corona-virus and election stuff not yet behind us, and the start a new year a couple days away, lets have an open mind and hope for a Winter and Spring sports season.

With only Ohio high schools playing, I hope we can enjoy a West Virginia sports season too sometime in mid-January. The schedules have changed dramatically in Ohio and they are only playing Ohio schools. Right now, if West Virginia opens their Winter sports, I have no-clue if the Ohio and West Virginia schools will play each other.

However, when we find out we will let our readers know what area high schools will be ready to compete. There are many different plans that will face our high schools, and we at the Wetzel Chronicle are ready to get with the program. We don’t know what will take place yet but we’ll try to keep be everyone up to date on games and matches when they are played to help you know what’s up if we are given scores and statistics.

Once they start up, we hope some fans will be allowed in the West Virginia school events, but it might be similar to how Ohio has done so far this season.

I can tell you this much, I was indeed happy with the way River has done during this Covid-Virus at their home games. Their coaches, players and what fans who have been at the games and practices have been A-1, I saw it first hand. If the West Virginia schools take a look or just ask River how they managed to keep the athletes, coaches, referee’s and parents safe, they will lear something.

I want to wish everyone to have a safe and wonderful New Year.