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“From My View” for December 23

By Bruce Crawford - Staff Writer | Dec 23, 2020

With Christmas and a new year soon approaching, I wanted to be able to wish all our Wetzel Chronicle sports readers the most joy-est of holiday’s.

With our second day of snow-falls, I did what I have always told my sons, keep your steps and walk-ways cleared so nobody gets hurt. Well, with the snow coming down pretty good, I went to the grocery store to get some supplies so I would’t have to go out later.

When I got back, instead of driving up my brand new drive-way, I parked in front of the house to bring in what groceries I had bought a few hours earlier.

After taking up my first load to the front door, I should have either drove up to the back door or shoveled the steps and walkway so I wouldn’t slip and fall and most likely get hurt.

In my wisdom, I was going to shovel the steps and walk-ways after I got the groceries inside. Bad decision, I should have drove to the back door where I had my shovel and broom. But I didn’t. On my way back to the truck, I slipped close to the bottom of the front steps and landed on my right knee that I had one of my two knee-replacements.

I also hit my head and rolled over and pulled myself up to see what I had done. I hurt but I had to get all the food up to the front porch before checking and see what more damage I had done.

My wife Lynne, (a registered nurse) saw we go down, but couldn’t come to my aid because the day before I dropped some frozen food on her ankle, and she was still a bit gimpy.

After putting the food away, nurse Lynne cleaned and bandaged me up and sat me down on my comfy chair and nursed me the rest of the day. I missed church, but my minister Paul Pryor recorded the lesson on Genesis, and I still got to hear the good word.

My minister Paul, got the word out I was hurt, and got so many of my close church family to pray for my healing, and got all kind of prayers and I thank them all especially the good Lord.

There are so many good people, the day after I had the spill, a young boy was out there and shoveled my steps and walkway. I had seen him walk with other young boys, but it was nice, and I thanked him for his kindness.

With Christmas a week away, I’m so thankful for my health and to still have my Mom, brother and sister still alive. There are so many out there with more injuries than me, and I do not ever want to ever complain, because there are so many that is worse off than ourselves.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, especially Ed and Kim Mellott and Paul and Heather Pryor.