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Magnolia 2020 Boys Soccer a Success

By Staff | Nov 11, 2020

Amidst a pandemic, a Presidential Election year and a hectic everyday life there are positive things for us to enjoy. In June & July no one knew whether or not there would be a high school soccer season. Not only did we play soccer but the Magnolia Boys Soccer team enjoyed the best season for the first time in several years. It is mostly parents, siblings and grandparents attending the games, even in previous years prior to the restrictions imposed on us by the pandemic. Soccer is a very competitive sport, just like football, basketball, baseball and the others. If you like sports, you should attend a soccer game and you just might like it.

While soccer is a team sport, like most athletic events, our seniors are to be congratulated and recognized for their dedication to the sport and certainly sincere appreciation goes to the rest of the team. The Blue Eagles Boys Soccer had six seniors. Those team seniors are listed by last name alphabetically, Gavin Herrick, Kaden Jones, Woodson London, Eli Miller, Isaac Snider and Jacob Thorpe. If you see any of them out and about, please thank them for their dedication to a sport that doesn’t seem to get the attention that other sports get. Not only did they participate in high school soccer, some of them gave a few hours every Sunday afternoon, teaching fundamentals of soccer to the youth. Bev Gibb and the Parks and Recreation Department has sponsored youth soccer each Sunday, known as “Soccer Sunday” for six Sundays and it has concluded for now. Woodson London, Jacob Thorpe and Isaac Snider were there teaching the fundamentals of soccer to our youth. Also assisting were Emerson Barcus of the Magnolia Girls Soccer team and Isabella Snider, Isaac’s sister. Many, many young children are taking advantage of this opportunity to learn the sport. If you have some free time you should go to the Lewis Wetzel Park and watch these youngsters when the next “Sunday Soccer” convenes.

For the past two years during the off-season, Lito Turcios worked with any and all high school students that wanted to learn and improve their soccer ability. The sessions were held inside when a facility could be acquired and when the weather got better the sessions moved outside.

Several of the senior soccer boys have been selected on the All OVAC Academic team for all four years of high school. Some of the other team members have been selected as well. Also, several of the team are members of the National Honor Society.

Jacob Thorpe was picked to play in the OVAC Boys Soccer All Star game November 15, to be held at St. Clairsville High School. Jacob was an outstanding defensive player for the Blue Eagles. Maybe this game would be a great opportunity for you to introduce yourself to soccer.

Next season promises to be enjoyable as we return all experienced players plus any freshmen coming into the program. The seven returning veterans are: juniors Sam Mensore, Luke Hedrick and Brady Renner. Sophomores are: Jordan Davis, Herberth Hernandez, Fernando Hernandez and Jonah Clark.