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From My View for 10/28

By Bruce Crawford - Staff Writer | Oct 28, 2020

Here it is late Oct. and we are still having 80 degree weather and I can’t be any more happier, other than we can’t go out and do things, but could we. We could if we all did what is required of us all, and that’s wear our masks when we can’t have social distancing.

I’ll we be heading out tonight to cover Magnolia and Tyler Consolidated football game on Alumni Field. In the past 18-years of covering these two football, once power-houses, it has always been a good game. You can throw out the records when these two teams meet and the same with the Valley and Hundred football game. I expect both games to be barn-burners, as these teams have a rich tradition of hard-nose football every time they hook-up on the grid-iron.

These 2-games still won’t be the same since only a few can still go watch these teams play. However, some games are broadcast and some our face-book streaming, (that is so nice). However, it still isn’t the same, as being there watching and having all the student body having fun in their student sections.

When I covered the Paden City OVAC championship it was so nice to see former Paden City Head Coach and Athletic Director Fred King present. (He was announcing the game) He was coaching his first OVAC Class-A Championship at Union Local 4-years ago with Mallory Yeater and Hope Weber starting.

I don’t know if there is anybody that has been the starters on 4-straight OVAC Championships and if there would please let me know. Hope was the OVAC Class-A Player of the Year during her freshman season and it just might happen again her senior season too, it would if I had anything to say about it. She as well as Yeater have got better and better as the years have gone by.

But, you can’t win championships with only 2-stars. You need much, much more as well as some luck as PCHS Head Coach Jennifer Yeater has that and more. Besides winning 3-straight OVAC Class-A Championships, she also has won 3-straight Mason-Dixon titles as well. In my opinion she has to be this seasons OVAC and Mason-Dixon Coach of the Year!

Like I said earlier you must have a good supporting bunch as well as some luck and they have. Starting with a pair of out-standing sophomore players in Tanley McEldowney and McKenzie Thomas. Tanley is a superb server and back row player, while McKenzie is one of the best dig players I have seen. She gives up her body to get to anything in her reach and digs up some of the hardest spikes (I would just get out of the way).

Then there is juniors Madison Kline, Brandis Dalrymple and Hallie McDonald. Hallie hasn’t played as much this season, but when she’s out there you know she will give you everything she has, and is tough at the net too. Madison is also tough at the net and her spiking has got better and better each of the last 2-seasons. In Brandis, you have a player that can become a player like the Blue Eagles Kyndra Pilant. They both love the game and get everyone excited when they land a kill or block a shot. They both are great at the net and I think they can be just as good in the back row.

Then to seniors Maggi Still and Kelsey Michael who fill in so nice, Maggi is as good as they come on the front row, while Kelsey holds her own in the back row as well.

After being down 2-games in the best of five, they got some luck on key net violations and service errors as well as some balls rolling on the net and dropping down for a point. I don’t know what they will do the rest of the season as their only loss was to Magnolia who plays in the OVAC Class-3A, but plays in the Class-1A in the state. Magnolia also has a nice team too with a talented senior group in Mady Winters, Victoria Hood, Lenieca Grimm, Shyanna White and Alyssa Kocher along with junior Jaci Rhode Rhode and sophomore Shaella Holiday, it will be an interesting Sectional and Regional play.