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NM Junior Baseball Softball Inc. Sign Lease Agreement

By Rick Loy - Staff Writer | Sep 16, 2020

Preliminary Work has begun on the NMJBS, Inc. fields

The area formerly known as Cass Fields located in the Brooklyn section of New Martinsville, will now be recognized as Nathan Hassig Memorial Drive and the fields will be leased to the New Martinsville Junior Baseball Softball, Incorporated (NMJBS, INC.) The league which operates as a non-profit organization.

League President Joshua Loy said, it has been getting harder to find a field for practice and games, so the league decided to search for alternative locations. Loy, John Smith, and Chris Eakle representing the league arranged to meet with Logan Hassig owner of the land to check on the possibility of leasing the property and form it into a baseball/softball complex for area youth. It will be a 10-year lease for our local youth to play baseball and softball according to League President Joshua Loy.

The league proposed leasing the land for a 10 year period to which Hassig agreed. The site had previously been the home field of the Magnolia Blue Eagles softball team before the current fields were built on Hydro Drive.

With everything in place, Loy and several other volunteers started clearing the land on September 5th, clearing the land. Much work has taken place since then and the grounds are starting to take shape, thanks to the many volunteers who have stepped up to offer there help and service.

Each member of the NMJBS, INC. league is to be commended for looking out for the youth of the community. There have been many games at those fields in the past and some of these league members were the players back then. It was a nice place to play with plenty of room, nice facilities, concessions, and lots of parking. The league is hopeing to bring it back to those standards.

The league has been discussing naming the fields the Nathan Hassig Memorial Fields. According to Loy, there is a possiblity they will also build a football field for the youth after the baseball/softball fields are completed.

Anyone willing to volunteer in helping out to get this project completed for our area youth can contact Joshua Loy at http://nmjbs.com.

Below is a press release from League President Joshua Loy:

NMJBS, Inc. has acquired a 10-year lease (effective September 1st, 2020) on 21.79 acres of land at Nathan Hassig Memorial Drive in New Martinsville, WV. We cleared the land on September 5th, 2020 in preparation for the developmental goal of launching two baseball fields for the spring 2021 season to protect our youths interest in having fields to play on. This project is going to require a lot of hard work and funding from generous folks in our community. If you would like to be a part of supporting our youth and help with funding, we would sincerely appreciate any forms of donations.

If you would like to make a monetary donation you may do so here (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=–s-xclick&hosted–button–id=W8QFHML23VSU4&source=url) OR send a check payable to NMJBS, Inc. to PO BOX 465 New Martinsville, WV 26155. ALL donations will be applied directly to rebuilding of the facility.

Initial needs:Volunteers; Commercial mower & Weed Eater to maintain 21.79 acres of land; Weed Killer; Backstops; Dugouts; Bases; Fencing; Concession stand & Storage Building Repairs; Garage Door for Storage Building.

Kind regards,

Joshua Loy


New Martinsville Junior Baseball Softball Inc.

PO Box 465 New Martinsville, WV 26155