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From My View For April 8

By Staff | Apr 7, 2020

This CoronaVirus has really put a damper on the winter and fall sports season. The Blue Eagles boys basketball team was a team ready to make some noise, even with the loss of their top two players. However with sports shut down, we will never know what could have been for Coach Dave Tallman and the Blue Eagles.

I feel bad for this years seniors, not only in the Winter sports, but the Spring season, and everything else they will probably miss. Hopefully there may still be a prom and graduation ceremony.

Next year the Big Blue will be moving back to Class-2A in basketball for a two year trial period.

I just want to say, with this coronavirus, don’t be the one, that doesn’t listen to our government, please. It has got the best of me, that is for sure.

We the people will make it, life is giving us a chance, and we must do ourselves a favor by listening, and doing what is necessary.

I’m at a loss for words, but we will get over this and will grow as people. If your not a christian, you might want to really think about it. There are people losing their lives and you don’t know if it will get you, this virus doesn’t care what race you are, or how old you are. Be a leader, step up and do the right things. Keep your distance and wash your hands.

I’m wanting to do a Spot-Light on any high school athlete from Hundred, Magnolia, Paden City, River and Valley high school. Please give me a ring at 304-771-1278 and I will give you a questionnaire to fill out to help our readers know you a lot better. I’m just part-time so I don’t have that much time to look back in our archives to pick out an old story.

Please listen to our government, and help put this virus to bed.

Enough of the COVID-19 talk, lets talk about sports in general. I would like to acknowledge five outstanding senior boys basketball players in a big way. You know its hard for a teenager that is involved in sports in our high schools to really excel in athletics, while keeping a good GPA in the class room.

There are 5-local Hundred Hornet boys that have done that, and more during their 4-year school tenure. Logan Norris, Cody Soles, Billy LeMasters, and Aaron and Adam Stephens have been right up there in both the classroom and on the hardwood year after year.

Logan has a GPA 4-year average of 4.18, while Aaron and Adam is at 4.16 and a 4.11 respectively. These fine young men, along with Cody 3.82 and Billy 3.63 all have A averages. These guys have excelled all through school while training, playing multiple sports, after school activities, and in the classroom.

Logan was a talent on the grid-iron (as a QB), as a passer and ball carrier, and could throw the ball a mile. On the hardwood (as the point guard) he was Mr. Clutch when he needed to, and was the teams second leader in scorer, and assists. On the baseball diamond, (short-stop and pitcher) he was solid in the field and on the mound. He is liked by everyone and was named Mr. Hornet at Homecoming, and still held on to a 4.18 GPA.

The Stephens twins only play basketball, but they are in all sorts of after school activities, but they are very active at the Church of Christ where their dad is the preacher. Aaron helped bring the ball down the floor and was tops in assists, while giving a hand in about anything needed on and off the court. Both boys were leaders at their church, and in after school activities, and lettered all 4-years.

Then comes Cody, who like Logan is involved in many school sporting activities. He was the team scoring leader and rebounder, while also shooting arrows on the school’s archery team. He also excels in track, where he has been a state qualifier each season.

He was the 400-meter Region I overall champion last season, while helping Hundred win the Mason-Dixon championship.

He also played baseball during his freshman and sophomore seasons and played center-field. He went out for football during his senior season, and was a standout as the teams leading wide receiver and was a quality running back. He also was a great special teams player and led the team in all-purpose yardage.

Billy wasn’t a starter on the varsity basketball team, but he was instrumental on the success on the junior varsity team, while playing great defense. He is also a talent on the track team, and if we get back to school he should be one of the favorites in every event he is in.

You know its very hard to be a jock and a brain, but these 5-boys are special, and I look for them to do great things as adults, too. There maybe more great honor students who double up in both their education, and in athletes. I would love to hear from you.

I would like to challenge all the athletes I cover at Hundred, Magnolia, Paden City, River and Valley to make a facial mask to help with the COVID-10 stuff, and take a photo, and hope I can con Ed into putting your picture of you wearing the mask. But, I also challenge these 5-boys to really step up and show me the (Money).