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From My View For April 1

By Staff | Apr 1, 2020

Here it is, the last full week in March, and we still don’t know if or when there will be any area sports, let alone any college or professional sports.

I am working on some area spot-light on athlete stories, as well as some past athletic games, and events, that have provided some area excitement over the years. The Wheeling Intelligencer did a nice re-take of the Magnolia boys 2015 state basketball Class A Championship game.

We have loads of sports stories like that, that can be retold over and over again. I am waiting and hoping for this coronavirus to end so we can all get back to everyday life. Not knowing what is coming can be a little frightful, but I believe we will learn from this and be better people, and a better nation.

The sickness and loss of life to this virus is hard to imagine, but watching people doing good deeds warms my heart. However, we have a few that always seem to get the head-lines in the papers, television and radio stations.

That isn’t what I signed up for once I became an adult. My life has mostly been a good one, and I wouldn’t change anything if it would change what I grew up to be.

My wife and children mean the most to me, along with my friends and church family. It hurts me when a love one is hurting and I can’t make it better. And it hurts when I see so much negativity in the newspapers, television and radio. How about some good stuff, its upsetting to hear only the bad stuff day in and day out?

I have tried to always do that in my sports writing. I’ve tried to report the good stuff and not report much of the bad. All-In-All, I hope I have done this and if I haven’t, I’m sorry.

With this virus thing killing people left and right, and we as a people out and about not staying the 6-feet distance away, we aren’t helping kill this dreaded virus. Lets all do our part. We can still do the things we want to do, while still keeping our distance. I know we don’t always like people telling us what to do, but we should listen and follow what our leaders are telling us.

I understand, that some of these things our leaders tell us to do, might not be what we think is right. But we must at least try and not be so negative.

While getting ready to review my Spot-Light on Jake Gamble, I heard that he was going to have surgery on his knee and his last season of baseball was cut-off. I was just numb. He has not only finished his final season of basketball; he is also going to miss his final year of baseball.

We are still waiting to find out if there will be a girls and boys state basketball tournament.

I can remember Jake’s first season of baseball. He was only a freshman, and MHS Head Baseball Coach Dave Cisar would have him lay-down a suicide squeeze to win a ball game.

He did it perfect! Coach Cisar told me that Jake was special, and he would go down as one of the best athletes at Magnolia and he wasn’t lying.

Not only could Jake lay down a suicide squeeze, but he could do anything he wanted and then some.

His dreams to finish his senior season by going to state in both basketball and baseball were not only cut short because of an injury, but to the coronavirus. He is not only a very good athlete; he is also a very nice young man.

If this spring sports season is done, I hope to be around to prepare the fall sports schedules, and the football tab in late July for the 2020-2021 high school season. brawford@wetzelchronicle.com