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From My View For March 25

By Staff | Mar 25, 2020

With sports mostly non-exsistant there is not much to write about. It looks like it may be a while before we get back to normal. For me that means I will be bringing up some stories from the past on occasion.

If you have a certain sports feature or story you would like to see back in the paper please feel free to give me a text and I will try to get in the archives and see if I can bring it up and do a follow-up story on it,

I also want to do a Spot-Light on some of our local athletes, from this year and some who will be back next year when everything is back to normal. If you want me to do a story on any one please let me know and send me a head shot of the athlete. If I have already featured the athlete in the past, for now I would like to use someone that’s not been featured.

I will only be working around 5-hours a week so I will need the information ASAP. I will be working on questions for the athletes so I can send them out to our Spot-Light Athletes. I would love to do a boy and a girl each week. Please call me on my cell at 304-771-1278. I will only be doing high school athletes from Magnolia, Hundred, Paden City, Valley, and River High school. Get a hold of me and I will send you the questionnaire.

If things don’t go as planned I have something else up my sleeve and its something I have wanted to do since my 100-years of Magnolia Football book came out. There was loads of information that wasn’t put in the book that I really was hoping would make it. However, it will be up to my editor at the Wetzel Chronicle and my Executive Editor too.

I have loads to say about this stoppage, but I will leave that all up to the real writers. This is a very short column, but I will be working to get busy during the 5-hours I will be putting in. Please contact me on my cell phone and I will let you know what questionnaires I want to ask, and where to send them. Also if you have a sports story from the past please let me know as quickly as possible since 5-hours isn’t a lot of time to find the information, read it and write it up. Take care and stay safe.