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From My View For March 11

By Staff | Mar 11, 2020

This week I would like to cover a couple sports related events that I have attended and reported on as well as some that I haven’t, but wanted to put my 2-cents in.

I watched and reported on a pair of Magnolia Basketball games vs St Marys. In the first meeting, the Devils would close out the first half on a 12-3 run, including a William Steele long-ball at the buzzer to break-away from a close game to grab a 45-21 advantage at the half, and go on to defeat Magnolia 95-60 to closeout the regular season.

There was a lot of everything going on from both teams. After closing out the first half, the Devils #35 was just on fire and was draining 3-pointers when ever he wanted. He was also pretty good at flopping too, and we’ll say more about that subject later.

The Blue Eagles and the Devils got into a spat as they were heading to the locker room and both teams got into a scuffle a couple of times which brought out the worst in a few adults.

I don’t believe that any adults should ever get involved in a sporting event of any kind. It not only gets you thrown out of a contest it doesn’t look good on the school and the youth that got into another’s head with his remarks. Let the people in charge do what they are paid to do, even if they missed something before the skirmish started.

I understand, I really do. I was right there and seen it all, but we, as spectators should let the powers that be, do their job. There was no vulgarity at all, it was just a difference of an opinion, but it didn’t look good for everyone involved. Enough said.

In the second meeting for the Section II championship, the Blue Eagles came to play, and won the game on a last second-shot by Trevor Williamson.

Not only was it the game-winning basket, it could have cost Magnolia the loss or overtime. Let me explain. With the time winding down and Williamson sinking the rainbow 3-pointer, the MHS Student body ran on the floor to celebrate. But, the game isn’t over till the referee’s whistle and horn sounds.

I too, thought it was over, but the referee said there was 1.1 seconds left, and everybody that was on the court had to go back in the stands while they put 1.1 seconds back on the scoreboard. It was hard to put 1.1 seconds on the cock and a few spectators showed their true colors and let it be known to the guy on the clock to hurry it up.That was also not nice.

There could have been a few different things that could have happened . The referee’s could have given Magnolia a technical foul for coming on the floor. I was hoping that didn’t happen, but it could have. Nobody should ever storm the floor, until the game is over.

We all know that the Eagles were less one-starter and why. But, with their leading scorer not available to play, and 3 -players on the bench fouling out, and having to face a team that just beat them by 35-points, it was worth mentioning. MHS Head Coach and his staff did a superb job coaching and the kids responded in a big way. I want to congratulate all of them and the fans too.

For the majority of the season the MHS student section wasn’t on their game, but when it was needed the most, they were. I was proud of the team, the local fans and student body from start to finish.

I want to add something that I have said in the past, I don’t like coaches roaming the side-lines during the game. I would love it if they changed the rule and made them sit during the game. Most of the time its great, but when things go wrong and the game gets tight, the coaches ignites the crowd with their yelling. I see it everywhere. The referee’s can stop it if they want, as only the head coaches are allowed to stand up on the sidelines in their little box, and I would love to see it change back to the coaches sitting.

I know for a fact if we would have had the rule that the coaches could stand and roam the sideline like they do now, my high school coach would have taken it to the level just like the college and pro coaches do now. It is a great tool for coaches to have, but when it comes to getting the fans riled up, it should be stopped. (My opinion only)

I would like to add, that I thought the play of Trevor Williamson and Levi Cecil was awesome in every way. Not only their offense and their defensive play, but their hustle for loose balls and the handling of the rock, was spot on. And doing all this when Jake Gamble fouled out.

Gamble does what Gamble does all the time. He gives 100 percent on and off the floor and is the heart and soul of the team. Also the play of Gavin Postlewaite and Trenton Scheibelhood was spot on, and they all must give the team that performance tonight when MHS hosts the Cameron Dragons, if they want to get to the state tournament.

Cameron is a very good team and has one of the best defenses in the county, and they gave Wheeling Central a run for their money. Magnolia will need to be at their very best.

With West Virginia Mountaineers winning like they did aganst Baylor and Magnolia winning like they did, it was a great time to wear Blue and Gold where-ever you may be, go Big Blue.