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From My View For March 4

By Staff | Mar 4, 2020

My brother Bobby always says,” Best Day Ever” when somebody asks him how are you doing, and he always tells them Best Day Ever. I have been thinking about that saying, and I must admit he is right on all accounts.

When things are not going so well with you and your family, as well as close friends, there is always someone around wherever you are to comfort you. This is so true with anything, if you or someone you care about is having a bad day, let them know its the best day ever.

Our Lord and Savior is with us everywhere, just talk with him and things will get better. You woke up and have another day on earth, that is something good that happened.

The same can be said about sports too. We might have had a bad game and lost, cheer up my brother, you live for another day. Learn from your mistakes and practice.

One of our 3-elders at my Church family in Steelton has been going out once a week to visit with our members, and can tell you each time we visit a family its the Best Day Ever for Merle and myself after we leave and go and visit somewhere else. There are so many people and everyone is different in many ways, so we get motivated, and hope the people did too.

Getting yourself motivated to do something is always a challenge for most people, but not for most athletes. Just watching the Magnolia and St Marys boys basketball game, I can tell you for a fact that if they play again in the sectionals, the Blue Eagles will be ready. I know the Magnolia coaches will be motivated to get their players ready, and I know most of these boys if not all, will be motivated to further themselves in the sectionals and wherever it may lead.

Lots of players are motivated by a loss, but it’s the good players that rise above all odds and go from good to better. I know it goes both ways as many teams that win are motivated too, that’s when you can sit and watch and tell yourself this is the best day ever.

There are different players and coaches that are motivated in different ways. I know from watching and learning how to motivate, and I’m sure you do too. As a former River Pilot playing football my freshman and sophomore years, coaches Martin Flannery and Manny Matsakas motivated us to go out and play like it could be our last game.

There are many athletes that get motivated in different ways. Some gets motivated by just going on the field or floor. Some gets ready to play by just putting on a uniform, but some get their juices flowing by a loss, and play another day. Some get motivated by a coach getting in their space and yelling, and there are some that get ready to rock in roll by their fan base. I can remember how the Hundred Hornets were motivated by their coaches and then their fans when they were really down in their H.I.T.

Just a defensive stop got them excited, and they were motivated by their loyal fans as well as each other. They didn’t win, but it was still the best day ever, just ask anyone of them. They just ran out of time. They might have lost their H.I.T. championship, but they are champions in their coaches and fans eyes.

Then there is the Magnolia and St Marys game. The Devils were on fire from the opening tip to the end, and were motivated by making shots, and of course their fans.

If the Eagles don’t get motivated by that game, I really don’t know how they will. But, I do know the Blue Eagles coaching staff will have them ready to play. They will do everything they can to get their players ready. But, in the end, it will be the athletes themselves to get them ready.

However, I feel that the Magnolia student body can get themselves motivated from the tip, till that last buzzer like they have in the past, you will see a difference in the Eagles.

Remember, if you are going to play in any of the Spring sports and didn’t play any Winter sports you must have a physical before you are aloud to practice.