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From My View For February 5

By Staff | Feb 5, 2020

Its nearing pretty soon, so you guys will need to get on the ball and make sure you get your honey a Valentine gift before Feb. 14. I also will need to get my honey something too.

In the past, I got my wife some nice gifts from candy to a romantic night out with flowers and candy, as well as a basket of nice stuff from the Flower Basket and Gift Shoppe. (They have a nice selection guys). To movies and dinner to just staying home and making her breakfast and having a quiet dinner.

The Superbowl was this past Sunday and I’m rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs. I’m a Steeler fan for life, but the Chiefs have a very nice team that can score a lot of points, and has one of the best head coaches in the NFL.

I’m predicting a high scoring affair, with the Chiefs quarterback winning the Most Valuable Player Award. The commercials are always fun to watch, but besides watching the game on a big screen TV eating is the other MVP. Lynne and I have watched it at home I believe 99.9 percent of the time. She goes all out and fixes all kind of stuff.

We will be starting to get our spring sports booklet in order as the Groundhog Day (This past Sunday too) might or might-not see his shadow. I don’t know if you take it for gospel, but its something to watch. Anyway, Spring will soon be with us. We have had a pretty good sports winter season, and I hope we have a good spring sports season too.

We will start getting schedules in order, and hope the schools will get them to us as soon as they can. We love the Spring Sports season here at the Wetzel and Tyler Star Newspapers. We can push ourselves away from our desk and get outside and get some exercise. Baseball, Softball and Track will be head-lining the local sports pages pretty soon.

Those that are not playing a winter sport and are going to participate in the Spring Sports Season must have a physical and fill out a sports packet before being aloud to practice and try-out.

Congratulations to the Blue Eagles Mikey Hamrick on getting his 100th win last week. I haven’t got all the information yet on their last several matches and hope to have his accomplishments and more in next weeks Wetzel Chronicle newspaper.