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From My View For January 29

By Staff | Jan 29, 2020

You know its gets harder and harder in trying to write a column, but I’m going to try to write one without chatting about my family or about the church I attend.

I have watched a good many boys and girls high school games this season, maybe not as many as the last several years, and wanted to tell you about my feelings about the game I love. (Basketball)

As a coach, referee, player and fan. Rebounding and playing defense is a lost art in the high school game. The kids now a days can run faster and jump higher.

Of course the girls basketball is a little different than the boys, but this year I believe the girls game is turning things around and are catching up with the boys.

The one thing that could help them to catch-up is the refereeing not blowing their whistles quite as fast on jump ball calls. The girls are also running faster, jumping higher and playing tough man-to-man defenses. The girls are also getting stronger. I know as a past referee, we sometimes blow the whistle sooner because of the game. The girls game is just as good as the boys in many ways, and they need the guys in stripes to not blow their whistles as fast on tie-ups.

Take it like this as an example. Everyone knows that Kyndra Pilant is a very good basketball player. She can do it all, and when she gets tied up by a smaller player don’t you think she will soon have it all to herself. You-betcha. Give the girls a break, call it like you would a boys game and the girls will get better.

Rebounding has been a lost art for the biggest part, guys and gals are reaching over and getting the rebound and not fouling because they can jump higher and our much taller and can do that. But, its not the way it should be done. As soon as the ball goes up the defense should already be in a place to box out and keep the offense from getting to the ball. I know the coaches coach their players how to box out, but are trying to use their heigth to get the rebounds. Know matter your size, if you box out 9-times out of 10 you will get the rebound. I have seen good players become average players because they don’t box out and the other teams are getting an extra shot or more.

When playing a zone, the offense should never get the rebound on a miss as long as the ball doesn’t go back farther. Watching the Wheeling Central players against Magnolia was too much, I feel we are just as good a team, but when we don’t box out who is going to get the ball. Like I said before, I know for a fact that the coaches are teaching the kids.

The defenses by both the boys and girls are getting better and better. I see nothing but hustle 9-times out of 10. I appreciate the coaches we have in Wetzel County and across the pond at River. They are top notch. I’m sad that the Paden City boys haven’t won a game yet this season, but you can’t tell on their play.

They don’t give up and play as hard as they can. Just keep on keeping on and it will come.

The Hundred boys and girls team are having their best seasons in quite a few years and I expect it will keep getting better and better as the school is turning all athletics around. The Magnolia boys are getting better and better too. If they can get more than a couple players to score and box out and rebound watch out. They play a very good and aggressive defense, and give 100% and more by shuffling their feet and denying the ball. Each player gets to the floor on loose balls everytime. If they can start boxing out better and a few more look to score I’m hopeful they can make a return to Charleston.

Its not just the Magnolia boys that are not boxing out, its everyone. Its not hard at all, just get stronger and put a body on your opponent and get the rebound.

I also want to congratulate Kynda Pilant on her achievement in becoming the schools all-time scorer, it couldn’t have went to a more deserving girl. I said back when she was a freshman that she will go down in history to become one of the greatest if not the greatest female athlete to ever put on that Blue and Gold uniform in many sports.