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From My View For January 15

By Staff | Jan 15, 2020

There is never a dull moment in every game or match in sports. Either the game is boring because there is a team way better than the other or when there are two teams playing equally its never dull no matter the score.

We as fans and parents normally go to sporting events to watch athletes PLAY or COMPETE against other athletes from various sporting activities.

This past week I have seen a lot of different sporting events and none of them were dull. There was nothing dull about any game or match when a Magnolia and River team go head-to-head in games and matches.

We all sometimes get bored when one team or an individual is losing, but when you least expect it the one is getting hammered turns things around and gets the upper-hand in a team event or does something great as an individual that turns things around. That is why we watch the games or matches you never can predict what might happen.

Maybe it doesn’t, but when you least expect it nine times out of ten you go to the concession stands or visit the rest-rooms and you miss it, that one move you didn’t think was possible, youtake a breather and before you know it the game or match goes the unexpected way while your gone.

It goes to say, that is why we go watch the game or match if we are really fans of the game.

But, if we are just watching a particular athlete and we turn our heads to talk to someone or disappear for just a minute, we are upset we missed it.

During a resent wrestling match, there was a young freshman from River going against a top-ranked wrestler from Magnolia. The River wrestler turned things around in a hurry several different times and was in complete control. However, the Magnolia wrestler also turned things around. The match could have went either way, but it was the younger and inexperienced wrestler that got the win. If you were a fan or parent and turned away to talk to someone, you might have missed a great move that happened. (And did) You might be upset that the wrong wrestler got the win. That is why they play the game. The athlete that lost could just bury his or her head in the sand, or they can learn from the loss and turn it around.

Not just an individual sport, but also a team sport you can learn from the loss and turn things. I have heard from many many coaches, that sometimes the good individual players as well as the team losses are sometimes a blessing because the good players work harder to get better, and it rubs off on not only the good athletes, but the fans as well.

We as people can and should turns things around if we do something bad. Not just shrug it off and keep doing what we do, but don’t try to fix the wrong. Lets make it right and learn from our mistakes. I know I have made many mistakes, and it motivates me to do better.

Sometimes I do it all over again and it makes me sick at my stomach that I didn’t learn from it and forgot. But, I keep on trying to not do the same mistakes again.

However, the one mistake that I haven’t ever made was marrying my wife of 45-years, Lynne. Sure we aren’t perfect, but we both try our best to never make life dull. Although she doesn’t like to go to sporting events much with me because of fans, players and coaches that carry on and make it bad for fans of the game to watch and enjoy. Fans and parents should enjoy the game and let the kids compete and let the coaches coach and the referees and umpires call the game or match.

Lynne told me she appreciated all the spectators that were at the Hundred archery tournament. It was the first time Hundred ever held a archery tournament and they did a great job. Not only was it well done by the Hundred people, but all the many athletes and fans. Well done, everybody that was in attendance, pat yourself on the back.