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From My View For December 11

By Staff | Dec 11, 2019

Dear Santa: I believe I have been a pretty good boy this year and have a lot of gifts I would like you to pass out this Christmas Eve.

First, I would like you to bring some nice gifts to my fellow workers at the Wetzel Chronicle and the surrounding area that I cover for the Wetzel Chronicle Sports pages. Let’s start with our editor and my friend Ed Parsons. He has had some health problems this season, and has came out of all of them.

He deserves some nice gifts under his tree this year. I would like for you to give him another employee to be hired to give him a break on coverage in Wetzel County and across the river from Fly to Powhatan on the river in Ohio.

With myself only working part-time, I hope you can round up someone that loves sports as much as Ed and I do to help cover the sports and area related topics that we love to be in the paper. Also could you throw in a new pair of tennis shoes, because his others have been wore out since taking on this role as an editor.

For our Publisher Eric Anderson, could you get him some new running gear, including gloves because he wore them out this summer competing in a lot of races, including a few tough mudder races.

For Madison Eidell, who has helped Ed out in getting our stuff to Wheeling for printing, a Fit-Bit watch so she can tell how much she has walked in getting local news to print and still cover Tyler County news as well. While you’re at it give her a little scooter to get around in.

For our receptionist Tonya Jenkins, a box of Kleenex to wipe her eyes as she will be watching her baby graduate and head-off to college. Not only does she do all the work in keeping the Chronicle in tip-top shape and answer the phones, she does much, much more. So if you could give her a date-night with her hubby Cris who also takes pictures for us thoughout the years to a nice place like Disneyland in Florida.

For our advertising specialist Cindy Wade, some new businesses to deal with, and while your at it, give her some new wheels to get around as she has been broke down a bunch this year.

For RJ Goode and Chuck Clegg, Santa please give RJ a spell checker and a ball-cap from area schools like Hundred, River, Paden City and Valley to go along with all his Magnolia hats, while giving Chuck a chance to stop and smell the roses as he works and works all the time. Please if you can, bring him some ideas for new books for him to write, and while your at it, bring him some new toys he can work with, with all the many photo’s he takes and film he uses.

And last but surly not least Bubba Kapral my Executive Sports Editor, for a bunch of area papers some peace and quiet. He puts more miles in his car traveling all over the area covering every sport you can imagine, so a 3-wheel cycle he can get around in during the summer, and a new car to boot with all the bell and whistles.

My list can go on and on, but if you can give my friend and coach Dave Chapman some players like the ones he had this season for next year and for years to come. And while your at it, how about coaches Dave Cisar and Ron Dennis some depth in pitching, and throw in a big stick too for this baseball season.