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From My View For November 13

By Staff | Nov 13, 2019

I saw the annual Sisterville Trick or Treat and parade last Monday. The event was scheduled on Halloween, but like most of the area Halloween Trick or Treat festivities were canceled because of bad weather.

It was nice that the Powers that be, seen it was going to be a bad day for the annual event throughout the area. They got it right. After waiting for the trick or treaters get their candy at various places in the city that had their porch lights on for the kids, I and my close family and friends went to main street where all the festivities and parade that was going to take place at 7:30 p.m.

It was the very first time that I have attended the event at Sistersville, and it brought back some memories of my childhood, and my kids younger days. However, this was special as my grandson was doing the trick or treating.

Last year, I didn’t get to watch, but now that I have more time to see things, instead of covering them, I had that chance and took advantage of it.

He dressed as Woody, and even got a prize for it after the parade. As Jim and Mary King and son Alex passed out handfulls of sweet goodies to the trick or treaters, I saw how nice everyone that came to the porch where they passed out the candy. ALL the kids were very polite as they were on fifth street where I passed candy out, too.

Just as on fifth street, the costumes were outstanding. Some was whole-made and some were bought, they all were good. Of course there were kids that didn’t dress up, but not many, as well as teenagers, and that is okay with me too.

But, I can tell you this I was so surprised that their were many adults in costumes too, and they were good. There was one that I really liked and I added a photo for all can see. I of course asked first and to my surprised she said of course, thank-you.

After everybody was finished trick or treating they lined up for the parade. The award-winning Tyler Consolidated high school band played music, (they were very good) with the kids and parents a close behind. They were very well organized and everything went to plan.

It topped off my day. I wanted to add who ever organized this event was spot on with everything going on with hundreds of kids young and old. Awesome stuff. The Tyler Band kids were also dressed in costume and I really thought that was very cool.

Back when I was a child, I do remember when I went to school at Sardis, we also had a parade and trick or treating. We also had a haunted-house inside the school as well as games for all, including bobbing for apples. We also had a place that people would go in the haunted-house and had to put one of their hands in and fell some of the items, like jello, pudding and much more, including sound effects,

It was so good. I don’t know if they still do that, but this parade just made me think of all these things. (thank-you Sistersville)

Friday was the last area high school football games, and I think it was a good season despite a few things we won’t get into. It is the very first time since being a reporter than I didn’t have any schools playing in the playoffs.

The only thing that I will say about the season, is that gave it they had and the kids left everything on the field, and that is all good stuff.

Now that all, but volleyball is over in the Fall season, its time to get into what I love and that is basketball and wrestling. If they haven’t started practice yet they will be, and if you haven’t played this season in football, volleyball, golf, soccer and cross country you will need to get a physical before you can try-out for a winter sport in junior high and high school.

We will have a winter sports schedule coming out in the November 13th paper. This is the first year since I have been here that we have every junior high and high school sports schedules out. Hundred High School is back in the sports world in wrestling, and they are trying to get matches. We will print their schedule in a few weeks when we start all the high school previews.

I have got to love the sport of wrestling through the years, and is excited for not only Hundred High School, but for the kids to have a choice to play basketball or football.

What I would like to leave my high school and middle school athletes, have fun and do yourself and your school proud. Work your tail-off and comment to the sport, don’t take the easy way out, and please don’t quit, your be glad you didn’t.

I want to try something this winter since I know there will be coaches not wanting to send in stats, that I will use the space left, is send me a photo of you or your loved one that had played a winter sport from times gone by, and that also includes grasshopper and youth wrestling and cheerleading.

I think this would be awesome. I know that uniforms have changed, along with the way we look now. Lets get into our photo albums, and come up with a picture. (Please I really would like to see and publish these pictures throughout this long season).