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From My View For October 16

By Staff | Oct 16, 2019

After coming home from a long day at Ruby Memorial where my brother was having open heart surgery to replace a valve, I felt a big lift with the help of a few people who came to the hospital to help keep my brothers family from having any bad thoughts about him not coming through the delicate operation.

My sister and I were at the hospital to help keep Celeste at ease and see our brother before he went into the operating room. I noticed many things while I was in his room adjacent to the nurses desk.

They were all wonderful and so very busy getting everything in line to start the days operations. My brother and a heart transplant was up first, and the place was jumping with enthusiasm, while keeping the patients at ease before they went into the operation room.

After saying our good-byes, we went to the waiting room for operations. Of course they had coffee and televisions, as well as magazines on hand, they also had a electrical board to keep everybody knowing how the surgeries were going.

After a while a family friend and preacher came to be with the family. Shortly afterwards my niece and nephew came, as well as a close friend of my brother and sister in-law. Just as fast, my brothers friend and coach at Ohio Valley University showed up and we were set.

However, to my surprise and everyone else’s, a former OVU graduate was spotted by my nephew who went to talk with him, and he came over to lend a hand as he was a preacher on duty.

After several minutes of talking he said if there was anything he could do, he would be a round and the family-friend preacher told him that this band of Christians was on hand to help him too if it was needed.

I thought to myself, whow that was spot on. With all the people that were there, they all graduated from OVU except for my sister and I. We all were Christians and knew my brother was in good hands, not only was he in one of the best hospitals in the state, he had the good Lord on his side as well. But, to get to what really added flames to the fire was all the talk about my brother during his college and coaching days at OVU which kept my sister In-Law and my niece and nephew at ease. The funny stories and all the memories did what it was set out to do, keeping everybody happy at at ease.

The Lord sometimes work in mysterious ways, and I have no doubt he was behind this too. And, I wanted to add that the family friend also brought a back-pack full of yummies for the tummy, she had toys in there just in case my brothers grand-children was present they could have something to play with. I thought that was so nice and I wanted to tell my readers that if you have love-ones in the hospital that was something that you could do or your church family wanted to do, it was a good thought, as well as a good deed.

They then called for the family and said he was doing fine and was in recovery.

We all gave each other hugs, and went our separate ways except for my brothers family.

It was so nice to hear all the stories, but it was what my brother always said, Best Day Every, and it was.

It was sad that the Magnolia Blue Eagles fell in their quest for a OVAC 3A volleyball title, but they all played very well. Each set could have went either way, but the Linsly clan with a nice student body section kept their Lady Cadets excited, while there was no student body present for the Blue Eagles.

The girls without the second half of the Twin-Towers out for medical reasons played very well throughout the match. I was very exciting to watch these girls give it all they got to save volley’s, as well as breaking serves with their hustle and desire.

Magnolia Blue Eagle coaches Roger Clegg and Pam Chapman has these girls playing well and they look to be the team to beat in the WVSSAC Class 1A volleyball crown. Paden City who has a nice group of girls playing well and has beat the Eagles once this season will be playing for a 3-peat in the OVAC Class 1A Saturday and could give this Magnolia bunch some fits in their quest to the state title.

I wish them both success, and hope they both can get to the dance in Charleston the second week in November.