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From My View For October 9

By Staff | Oct 9, 2019

There were a lot of people chirping about Magnolia football for the past few weeks about players quitting and those who could have came out that would have made the team a little better than its 0-5 record.

They can say it is the Head Coaches fault that these players are quitting not only for themselves, but the team and school as well. However, I can honestly say that I have never had any issues with Coach Chapman or any of the MHS football coaches.

Coach Chapman has his priority with the kids. He welcomes me to their practices and games. He has ALWAYS given me anything I needed to get his players press coverage. He maybe a big guy as he towers over people with his height and frame.

However, he doesn’t that I have noticed be-little his players. He wants them to learn life lessons not only football, but in the real world too. If it’s the head coach the reason the kids are quitting, you don’t have anything there. He is spot on, not only a coach, but a father figure as well, not only as what I say, but most of the players that are still playing.

But, if its not the coach or coaches, it must be that they are tired of losing. Well the coaches can’t run or pass the ball, you are only good as the players you have. If the players aren’t doing the job that the coaches have them to do, they must find someone that can. Coaches are not, and I repeat are not in the sport for themselves or their own kids, and its surely not in it for the money, then what is it?

We all can give an answer to what we think it is. However, as an unwritten rule that quitters never win, and winners never quit.

As I reflect about the game with Magnolia and Monroe Central, it was nice to see that their band and cheerleaders were working hard in giving their team a lift, they never quit and worked hard all 4-quarters.

Loads of people would say what about tomorrow the kids will quit because they are tired of losing. You must have saw a different game than myself. Its hard to swallow the losing aspect of the game and everyone knows why and how.

Quitting is their prerogative, but really they will see it down the road. This is my column and I must say if you go out for a team, you play as a team. Winning and losing goes hand-in-hand in sports. We have been blessed here at Magnolia since I have been the sports writer with teams winning day after day, week after week and season after season.

I’m not good about expressing my feelings about talking with people on this subject, as many can. But, I too want the best for the kids not only at Magnolia, but all the schools I cover. We all want to win, I haven’t had a win in my sports writing since I have been doing this, but have I quit, no way. I quit one time, and I regreat to this day and that was when I coached at Paden City in Girls basketball.

I should have stuck it out for the sake of the players, but I didn’t, I not only let the team down, because I didn’t like what was going on. But, I too let myself down, too. Quitters never win.

We can say, how about tomorrow, I can start working to get better and better, but tomorrow may never come. However, tomorrow may never come. You never know when it’s going to happen, but you need to be ready, seek your savior, he never quits. But, do we quit on him. I hope not.

Live life to the fullest and never quit.

I talked with a local business man about some of the players quitting, and he told me, if these kids quit now, are they going to quit on him? And he said, I won’t hire a quitter, if these players think you can quit in sports, they better know it will be hard for someone to get a job when they put on their resume they played 3-years and asked what happened in your senior year?

We look at these things when we hire young men and women. Don’t lie because some-way-some-how they will know.

And one more thing, I want to stress, you know if your going on vacation, don’t let your teammates and your school down. Let your coach know first before you have you go some-where, don’t wait till the day before, be a good example ask if you can have it off and why. If he or she knows before the season they can work around it most of the time.

Home-coming is going on all over the area, and I want to wish all of the kids good luck.