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From My View For October 2

By Staff | Oct 2, 2019

I believe this was the first time since I have been a sports writer that I missed getting to cover a Friday Night area football game and had to see all the comments on Facebook. It is also the first time that a Wetzel County team had to wait 3-weeks before a team won a game, and I wasn’t present to write it up. Thanks to our editor Ed Parsons for covering me so I could go see my granddaughters.

They knew that I was not going to be around to cover sporting events in certain occasions when I went to part-time, and I think it worked out well.

It was so nice to hear that our new first time head coaches from Paden City in Zach Heasley, and Hundred’s DJ Bryd got their first of many wins under their leadership. It is also worth noting that these two coaches will go head-to-head Friday night in Hornet Country.

For the first time that I can remember Magnolia is 0-3 to strat the season, and will travel to Frontier High School to take on the 3-0 undefeated Frontier Cougars. I haven’t seen Frontier play this season, but I have watched Magnolia. The Cougars have put up some impressive numbers in yardage and points so far this season, but I’m going to predict the Eagles will gain their first win of the season in grand-fashion. Go Big Blue!

Going to see my granddaughters was very relaxing for me, but more for Lynne. She has been down in the dumps, knowing she will be unemployed starting next week. It was a weekend I was hoping for. I got to watch my Tianna march and do her thing in the Junior ROTC in Fredricksburg, VA. Not only did she do well, she helped her unit receive first place out of 3-Fredricksburg ROTC units.

I would really like to see that type of stuff hit the valley too. They go all year long as well as the summer, its all good. A good number of kids also do sports, but this also is something good for the kids that don’t play sports.

We then went to, yes a Fairy Fest. It was pretty close to were my son lives and we all went and had the time of our lives. It was so nice to see my girls enjoying themselves. Most of the females all wore fairy wings, and I was busy taking a lot of photos. Although it was very hot, there was plenty of shade, and I figure they most likely will stay in this spot for years to come. I don’t believe we have anything like this around here, but if there is please let me know.

I understand that this fall season hasn’t been what we have had in the past in winning. However, there is excitement still in the air at Hundred and Paden City, both on the football field, and at school. These two new coaches have breathed fresh-air into their teams and excitement is in the air win or lose, and its contagious. I hope the game goes into OT and they tie.

Also at Paden City, their volleyball team is currently #1 in the OVAC Class 1-A. They beat a pair of very good volleyball teams in Magnolia and River. Their Head Coach Jennifer Yeater has this young team playing outstanding volleyball. But, the best thing that I have seen that both the football teams as well as the volleyball team support each other. When the girls play at home or close to home, the football teams is their and it’s the same if the boys are at home as well as on the road, they are present, giving them support.