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From My View For September 18

By Staff | Sep 18, 2019

Pictured are most of the many Crawford/Rutter reunion family members that were on hand.

Having kids are great, having grand-children is even greater. This past weekend, the wife and I along with my grandson Christian as well as my niece and my nephew traveled to North Bend for a kids fishing derby.

It was a great time, there were over 130-kids as well as parents and grandparents watching an enjoying a day out.

The Derby was great, with many adult helpers, along with area police and Wild-life people helping in putting the derby on and controlling the derby with no problems.

They gave out T-Shirts to all the kids along with night crawlers. They had all the kids come over to the main office and had all the kids cast for accuracy, and they gave out prizes galore. My grandson won a bike, while my nephew won a tackle box filled with all you need to go fishing.

But, it got better as many, many kids caught turtles, including a huge turtle. But, what came out of our kids and others were priceless. My Christian asked, Pap-Pap where do the fish go to the bathroom at when they got to go potty? My nephew Ethan added, mommy why is the water so green (Pond Srum), and is it safe to walk on it? Christian asked do worms have eyes? Ethan asked, how do the tutles breath in the water? A young boy came along with a turtle he caught and my grandson wanted to hold it, and the boy said how about picking up a leaf and put it close to the turtle and you will see why you don’t want to hold it. He did and the turtle snapped at it and Christian oh my it bites. And the boy replied that is right, don’t hold it.

I was in charge of out annual Crawford/Rutter reunion this year Sunday and we had the largest amount of people attending and it was great to be a part of it and fellowship with our many family aunts, uncles, and cousins. There was so much food and deserts, anyone going home hungry, would be their own fault.

It’s so nice to have so many at the reunion, but to see all the young kids keeping the family tradition alive was just as sweet. Every-one and I mean every-one chipped in to help clean up and make it a reunion to remember. There were a few, maybe around 15 had to leave early so they can get back for Sunday evening church services.

I also got to watch WVU win get their second win of the season on TV, and got to cover the River and Monroe Central football game for the Times Leader and our Wetzel Chronicle. The Pilots were red-hot in the first half, scoring and running at will against the previous undefeated Seminoles.

However, in the second half, the Seminoles came to play and scored on almost every play along with a pair of double-reverse pass plays that helped keep their offense on the field. The Pilots responded with all runs and answered right back, and then took the starters out for the remainder of the game.

This is where it gets interesting, the Seminoles kept their main guys in and started to score at will on runs by their bread and butter, running-back. You see, there is a time when teams out in front a lot withdraws their starters and the team that’s losing concedes and does the same. But, the ‘Noles only had 19-players on their roster and didn’t concede and kept their top players in the game. Who is right and who is wrong. It was brought to my attention a few years ago when I wrote about a team running up the score. They said, the team that is losing, concedes and starts to take their top guys out, to show they know its a lost game and brings out or moves them around if short-handed, and then the team out in front will do the same.

I guess, everyone is different. Both teams are right I guess. The team in front big has done a great service to what I see and give all his kids a chance to play and keep the score? Depending on how close before bringing back the starters. But, the team behind, wants to show the kids not to give up and play hard, to the end. You can’t blame anyone, I guess its just something that there is no real way to make it right.

Let me know your thoughts, I look at it both ways. You can tell me you thoughts at bcrawford@wetzelchronicle.com.