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From My View For September 11

By Staff | Sep 11, 2019

My wife Lynne has been a nurse at Ohio Valley Hospital for 20 years now, and last night we went to the hospital for a midnight vigil with all the many employees that will lose their jobs.

I can relate, as I too lost my job as a 27-year veteran at Quarto #4 in Clarington. We didn’t have a midnight vigil, but we still were grieving in our own way in the loss of our jobs.

I was a frequent visitor to Ohio Valley Hospital as a patient, and as a visitor to many friends and church friends. And can relate to the many employees that now must try to find work after working so many years in one place.

Not just the many hundreds of nurses and doctors, but all the other employees that make a job what it is, (was). The young staff at the hospital might not have as hard a time finding another job. The other ones, not as much.

When you think of a hospital, you think of doctors and nurses, but there are many others as well that have to find employment elsewhere.

I don’t understand, but I do. I just don’t want to say why did it ever get to the place where a place of employment would not pay their bills, month after month to get in the predicament they are in, right now. And, how can a city and businesses continue to go month after month, year after year and not do anything to get their money, and then get to the point that it will not get anything. Who has to pay, we as citizens, I would say in one way or another.

I can go on and on, but this is a sports column.

People have to do what they have to to do to make a living, it’s just hard to swallow when people at top care more for themselves than the people they employ do for them. I know not all employees are great, and do things right, but if we as a people can start to put the holy Bible first in their lives, without changing it to fit them, life would be grand.

Sports wise, I’m just tickled pink that I’m got to cover a game that I wanted to see this week in Magnolia against Williamstown. However, I’m just sad that Valley High School is halting another sport. Last season they lost their baseball team, and it looked like they were going to lose their football team before the season started, but changed their minds and are playing. However, this past week they had a bye and will play this week at home against Cameron. But, this season Valley has lost their volleyball team.

Valley volleyball coach, and my friend Gary Partridge, has told me how and why. But, in the end all I can say is, coaches coach, players play and that’s is all when it comes to sports. Period!

I love my kids, as well as my former players. If there is a problem in sports, you go to the head coach first. Don’t let your kids quit, your telling them its OK, but they will have to learn the hard way after they graduate. If its not bad and I hope you know what I’m trying to say without saying it, let your kids learn from it. If you go out for a sport finish it. If you are not happy, don’t go out the following year, and if your a senior, do what you know is right, finish what you started and do the best job you can, and learn and teach your kids much later in life please.

I watched on TV both the Ohio State and West Virginia football games. Ohio State looked like they could beat anybody in the first quarter, while the Mountaineers learned that you can play not as well as they wanted and still win over a very good team. They both looked like they will have good season, as I hope they will.

I was just as proud of a former MHS graduate Teran Malone. He is now the voice of West Virginia on Metro News, and wish him all the luck in his new adventure. Break-A-Leg.

If Teran would have quit when things got tough, he would have never got to do what he has always wanted, congrats.

I repeat, this is my opinion, and mine only and in no-way have anything with our newspaper. I can be reached at bcrawford@wetzelchronicle.com and only their please.