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From My View For September 4

By Staff | Sep 4, 2019

With Labor Day playing havoc on getting our sports section done a few days early, we couldn’t get all the sports in this week. I’m sorry that our annual Football tab wasn’t done in color as the printing press color went down and they had to do everything in black and white. Ed and I really wanted to wait and do it in color, but the powers that be had other plans. I take the football tab serious, and after a few calls about some items that the readers wanted answers to I think they understood, or I hope they did. So I thought I would take this time to let our readers know some things about how we put things in the tab, and hope you can give us some feed back on some things you want to see in the future.

Last week we got a call from the Wetzel County Schools, but it wasn’t them, it was a guy saying they were Medicare. My wife ask the gentleman where was he calling from and his name, he answered he was from medicare. My wife quickly said, no you aren’t because medicare doesn’t call, and she added that she wanted to speak to his supervisor, and he quickly said SHUT-UP and said a nasty thing to my wife afterwards that I will not repeat. I contacted Ed Toman the Wetzel County Schools Superintendent, because they were calling with their ID on our phone and television. He stated that was not right and that he would also check about it too.

I then had my wife to call Suddenlink to report. They were very nice on the phone and after a period of time gave us a number 77# to use to stop the caller from calling again with that number. She did and it said that we blocked the number. I wanted everyone that gets a call like this if you are a Suddenlink customer to us the 77# right afterwards and you should have blocked them fro ever calling again.

The following day we got another call, but this time it was Wetzel County Hospital, and of course we answered and again it was from someone besides the Wetzel County Hospital. We had a couple back-to-back calls shortly after and didn’t get to use the number Suddenlink gave us to block them from calling.

In the past and I’m sure everyone gets these calls, and I hope and pray that these people trying to “scam people will get caught. I would also like it if our telephone companies would do a check list before giving scammers a phone number.

I wanted to also highlight a business if I may. The wife and I went to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Fair again. We try every year to go, and this year it was better than ever. If you would like to go somewhere interesting that is inexpensive, you should try this place out. It only takes an hour and a half or a few minutes earlier to get there, and free parking. There is a lot to see and many shows showing all day long. There is a lot of walking so wear good shoes.

Pull the Pittsburgh Renaissance Faire out on Google and find directions it is in New Stanton, PA.

The final thing I wanted to add in my column is about the WVU Mountaineers Football team. This years Mountaineers Head Football Coach Neal Brown did something really great. I thought when he had his Mountaineers set and watch the WVU Marching Band practice and support them the way they support us was so AWESOME I didn’t think anybody was going to top that, but he did.

Coach Brown contacted Arch Coal’s Leer Mining Complex in Grafton, WV about his team coming to coal country and visit to show his players a better perspective and understanding of the coal industry and what coal miners do day in and day out.

It was a wonderful thing he did and as a former coal miner I was deeply happy that he would take time out to not only watch the WVU Band practice, but to go to a coal mine and educate young people about coal mining not just for the country, but to our state.

It looks to me, Coach Brown is something we have been missing from the Bill Stewart days and I’m just happy to say it’s good to be a WVU Mountaineer, where ever you may be.