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From My View For August 28

By Staff | Aug 28, 2019

Now that I have finished off another High School Football Preview tab, I can see that we need to do a better job at getting all our information for it.

For the majority of my 18 seasons as the sports writer for the Wetzel Chronicle, this has been the absolute worst year in getting everything that is needed to put a football preview out.

People have asked if we could have a preview of all of the sports instead of just football. That would be nice, but not all Fall sports start at the same time. To be able to pull it off, the coaches would need to have their summer practices right before the season, and be able to give us all the information to put out a preview, including up-to-date schedules and rosters.

If all the Fall Sport Teams could do that, we would give it a try. But when it’s hard enough to get rosters and pictures from just football, how do you think it will be with all the other sports. It’s not going to happen.

I can truthly say that River High School has it all together. They have a fall media day where the media can get photos of all the teams in one day, and have all the coaches there to get information. They pretty much have the rosters available most of the time, and that is for all the sports. They also have a roster on hand to give any media teams that needs them.

They do it up right. Why can’t all the other athletic directors that we cover do the same? I’m not saying that just because I graduated from that school. Former Paden City Head Coach Brent Croasmun always did it up right. He had a preview sheet ready to give all media people that had an updated roster and schedule, along with those who graduated. In the preview folder, he also had a copy of last year’s statistics, along with quotes, who he thought, at the time, started, and who would come off the bench. He also had more information in the packet than any reporter would ask for. He was the only area coach who did that. He felt, like we do, that our time is hectic in getting the Football Preview out, and he didn’t want to have to sit down with us and do all this when he could just shake our hand, welcome us, and say, “Here it is,” and get back to practice.

He is a dying breed in high school football in getting ready to start the fall season.

It was bad enough to wait and get everything we need, but that’s not all. The Booster clubs need to get up-to-date rosters and have pictures taken for their football program. And there are the people that take the pictures for the program, they have a job to get all the pictures, not only for the football programs, but for all the fall sports.

Don’t you think that if you could do it on one day, everyone would be happy? I know Ed Parsons and I would be.

The coaches have enough on their plate in getting their teams ready to play, and it would be very nice if we all can have the fall preview on one-day. Tell the media, “Here it is; if you want to get it done, here is the day.” They wouldn’t have to have 4 to 5 different media days, maybe only have a few.

I’m just trying to help not only the media, but the athletic directors and coaches too.

And while I’m on a roll, how about getting all the schedules and rosters on the WVSSAC website too?

Now that I got that off my chest, I can get down to business in getting all the other Fall sports previews. I don’t know if I will be able to get to all of them, working part time and all, but I will try to get what I can. Golf has started, as well as the boys and girls soccer teams, with volleyball getting underway very soon.

Something that I believe isn’t cool, as a person or in media coverage, is poking fun and name-calling. I thought that once you became an adult, the name-calling or poking fun of someone about they way they talk or look would go away. I’ve been watching a lot of our media people disrespect a lot of other grown-ups, especially those that are elected officials. Lets take our president of the United States, and press people for instance, calling former Vice-President Sleepy-Joe among other things. I don’t think we, as adults, should do this, especially to someone in office. I bet that when they were in the home as children, their parents would not tolerate name calling and bulling.

We as a people should act what we are – adults – and show our children the right way to talk with people. It goes the other way too, as democrats are calling our president names every day. What are we showing our children? He is our president, and should be off limits to this type of speech. I can go on and on with stuff that I see and hear daily not only on TV, but in life. Lets show our children by example and change these types of talk. Period.

When at a game or match this season, I hope we as adults will keep what I have said, and show our kids the way they should act, not only at a game or match. The name-calling officials at a game, as well as our children acting like a fool and using profanity they hear from adults, needs to stop.

I kind of spoke down about the Paden City football team in my last column, and I didn’t want them to get the wrong idea that they weren’t very good. That’s far from the truth. I haven’t had anyone say anything to me about this, and after reading what I wrote, I want to explain it a little better. Coach Zach Heasley and his family are top-notch people, and Zach is doing a very good job with his team. He doesn’t have a lot of numbers out this season and he is getting the best out of everybody, that I can say for a fact. However, the players now will have to work harder and give that 110 percent he wants out of his players – he and his coaching staff are giving theirs.

Some of the players must play in positions that they would normally NOT have played, and can’t do as well as others that would have played if they were on the team. This is what I was trying to say. It will take some time for his young guys to understand what they must do, even if they are playing a position that another would do if they would have had more players.

And I’ve seen the way they have worked in the summer getting ready for this season, and they are all working their butts off. It will take a few games, and possiblly more, but they are heading in the right direction. I hope they are successful and eat my words Friday night – I really do. They have a couple guys that will carry them for a while until they learn how to do the best to give them a chance to succeed. I hope the game doesn’t get ugly, like I stated. I really don’t know a whole bunch about Frontier. But, what I do know, they too are well coached and have some boys that have been playing for awhile, and could put up some numbers in a hurry. That is why I said they will lose big.

But, I also stated that the game could go either way. But anyway, I always want the kids in my area the best, not only on Friday night, but in the classroom and in life. You can reach Bruce at bcrawford@wetzelchronicle.com.

One last item: I am retired, really I am. I’m working part-time and will need for coaches and administration to help me get statistics about their games shortly after the match or game. I will only be in the office two or three days a week, so I will need the information as soon as possible. And on the chance that nothing comes in or if it comes late, I can’t promise it will get in the paper.

We will start having Athletes of the Week in this paper, so I will need coaches to send in stats to help me with choosing the Athlete of the Week. The winner can’t win more than once, until they play in a tournament or playoffs, and only athletes from Hundred, Magnolia, Paden City, River, and Valley can win.