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Tyler-Wetzel Offers Adult Sports League

By Staff | Aug 21, 2019

Pictured is some of the adult sports league playing Spikeball at Middlebourne Park.


For The Tyler Star News

By tradition, most sport “leagues” come to a conclusion at the end of sixth grade. It is at this point that the players move on to Middle School and High School sports. But what about adults who desire to be a part of a team, who long for the socialization that comes with a sports program, and for those who long to be active in a sport setting? That is where the Tyler-Wetzel Adult Sports League comes in to play. Founder and facilitator Kevin Yoho and Co-founder Dave Metzger have provided an outlet and opportunity for these ambitions to be realized. Both Yoho and Metzger united a group of coed adults and began an intermural sports league in June of this year. Yoho stated, “Our goal of this group is to start slow by bringing people together in both a social and active environment. There are not many things for adults to do around the area, and we are trying to change that.” He went on to convey his hope for enough interest that they can setup multiple sports being played on multiple nights throughout the week, and there will be something for everyone.

So far, the adult sports league hAS met weekly at the Sistersville Park, Bruce Park in New Martinsville, and the Middlebourne Park. Some of the coed sports that are being played or will become part of the rotation includes: Spikeball, KanJam, volleyball, footgolf, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, kickball, cornhole, flag-football, and paintball/air soft. These weekly sport rotations will take place year around and on those evenings where outside play is not an option, the league will schedule game times at one of the local gyms.

For those who inquire if this sports league will be a long term option, Yoho, along with Donnie Jackson and Anthony Darnell have a history of success with the Sistersville Coed Softball League that they started in 2015. There are over 210 active participants of this league. Yoho stated that he hopes this multiple sports league will be as much as a success as the softball league.

One of the adult sports league players, Lindsay Camerlin, enthusiastically stated that, “We don’t get to go out and socialize much, and this is our chance to get out with other adults and have fun”. While her and her husband participated in the rotation of sports during the evening, their children were over playing in the park. Camerlin specified that having the sports nights in a park is an advantage for those adults who have children.

Yoho encourages anyone who is interested in participating in the league to come check them out. For those who have an interest and would like to know when and where the next sports night will take place, doing a search for Tyler-Wetzel Adults Sports League on FaceBook will take one right to the sports page.