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From My View For August 7

By Staff | Aug 7, 2019

Magnolia freshman Jacob Koontz placed 10th in his division in the National Archery Sports Program (NASP) last week in Nashville.

Though I have officially retired, I will still be working for the Wetzel Chronicle part-time this sports season. What does that mean in coverage ?

No more 5-6 days a week coverage and no more covering countless sporting events during the week. I will still try to cover as many events as I can, but there will be weeks that I won’t be out their covering fall sports. So what I’m trying to say I will need loads of help in getting teams to send me their statistics of games played when I’m not present to cover them the next day if you want coverage of your games.

I will be getting help from the Wheeling Intelligencer and Martins Ferry Times Leader.

So you can see, I need your help to get the coverage your kids would have had, if i was still full-time. We are on a deadline for getting our local football tab out before the regular season begins, and we will need to get information and rosters to go along with team pictures of the football, cheerleading and band, before we start getting out there to all the rest of the sports.

It was thrilling to find out that Magnolia freshman Jacob Koontz placed 10th in his ninth grade division, scoring 291 out of 300 in the 2019 National Archery Sports Program (NASP) July 25-27 in Nashville Tennessee.

He had to place in the top 10 in Louisville to qualify for a chance to shoot in the nationals to advance in Tennessee to the championship. Way to go Jacob!

Meanwhile he finished 42nd out of 1,280 male shooters, while placing 32 out of 399 high school boys division. It was so thrilling that this freshman, also placed sixth in the 3D open, something he never done before. Through it all, he was only 8-points from the top overall score, who shot 299-300. This young man, is only a freshman and has made not only his coach Jesse Robinson proud, but his family and Magnolia High School very proud too.

This is a sport that has grown through the years, and in only four years Magnolia has sent two shooters to the nationals, and has had one shooter win a state male champion.

If any high school male or female would like to join the Magnolia Archery Team, contact MHS Archery Head Coach Jesse Robinson when you go back to school.