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Spotlight: Magnolia’s Paige Brill

By Staff | Jul 23, 2019

Magnolia’s Paige Brill is in this week’s Wetzel Chronicle Sports Spotlight.

This weeks Athlete Spot-Light is Magnolia senior Paige Brill. Paige is a very good athlete that competes and competes in everything she plays. In softball, she was the teams lead-off batter and gets on base, some-way and some-how. Because she gets on base a lot, she also scores a good bit. Brill plays the short-stop position and is Miss Steady, rarely misses a ball that comes her way.

She is also a cheerleader and is a solid competitor there too. The Wetzel Chronicle ask her to answers some questions so people can relate to her more, and these are the questions and answers she returned to us.

What is the best part about competing? Competitions for cheerleaders make us more than just “the girls who stand on the sidelines with pom poms and bows.” We all work very hard to prepare for regionals (fall) and OVAC’s (winter).

How do your teammates make practice fun? Each one of us cheerleaders have unique personalities so combining them all makes practice interesting. A young coach who is able to participate and practice with us makes for a fun time, too.

What emotions do you feel when you play well? At competition, there is one chance to perform the routine so it is very overwhelming for me.

As for softball, while being a team sport, my capability to hit and field relies mainly on how I am playing, so depending the day it can be mentally straining, and it is just important to stay positive. Personally, I try not to take my mistakes too seriously, so I can move past them.

Who do you wish was watching you perform at every game or match? My parents have always been super supportive, so I know they’ll always be there if possible. I wish my sister could be there more often in softball, and I wish my brother could be at all my cheer competitions.

What is your favorite movie about sports? Remember the Titans What do you do to calm your butterflies while you compete? Before cheer competitions I rely on positive vibes and an encouraging message from my boyfriend, Brody.

What age were you when you started your sport? For me, I grew up surrounded by sports and I thought for sure I’d end up up playing volleyball, basketball, and softball, but there were other plans laid out for me. I’d always wanted to cheer but knew there was no way with volleyball and basketball, but it all worked out in the end.