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From My View For July 17

By Staff | Jul 16, 2019

Its only 10-days away from the start of high school football season in the Ohio Valley. The West Virginia vs Ohio OVAC Football will kick-off the season in its annual Rudy Mumley All-Star Football Classic July 27 at 7:15 pm on the Wheeling Island Stadium.

The Ohio Valley Athletic Conference is a high school sports league in parts of southeastern Ohio and northern West Virginia. The OVAC is the largest conference of its kind in the United States. Schools in the upper Ohio Valley supply over 18,000 athletes in various competitive athletic areas.

This year, the Ohio All-Stars have the River Pilots Hunter Dennis, and the West Virginia Mountaineers has Andrew Zedell of Hundred along with Patrick Mirandy, Sebastian Stickler and Gage Adams of Magnolia as the only local talent chosen.

I’m so happy for Zedell of Hundred being chosen. He was a work-horse for the Hornets, not only offensively, but defensively as well.

I am also excited to see 3-players selected for the Blue Eagles, in Adams, Mirandy and Stickler.

What can you say about Mirandy that hasn’t already been stated? He is a coaches dream. He can kickoff, punt, throw the ball, as well as run with the ball on offense, and with his speed he can cover the fastest of wide-receivers.

Then there is Stickler, who had a season to remember, making catch-after-catch. He has great speed and will the ability to make the impossible catch, possible. And what can I say about Adams, he is a beast. He has no fear and can run defenders over, or he can side-step and Katie-bar-the door, he’s gone. On defense, he is a demon who plays the game the way it was ment to be played, hard. He is a guy that players should fear when he is coming at you.

For the Buckeyes, Dennis is an excellent selection. He too does it all. He can play fullback or he can change his jersey and be an offensive lineman. He has done it all. If I was close to the goal line, I would want Hunter and Andrew to have the ball, because they will get you that touchdown one way or another nine times out of 10.

I wish all the boys good luck in the game. At this time I don’t know who will be representing their high school in the Queen of Queens or in the band. Who ever they are I salute you in representing your school in the 74th edition of the Rudy Mumley All Star Football Classic, cherish it for the rest of your life.

I taped the home run derby on TV and watched it after getting home later, and was thrilled to see so many in Cleveland watching the game live. It was a great contest, and was surprised that the New York Mets rookie Pete Alonso won the 1-million dollars after just getting by the Indians Carlos Santana, 14-13; the Braves Ronald Acuna Jr. 20-19, while the Blue Jays Vadimar Guerro Jr. tied the Derby’s home-run record with 29 in his opener against the Astros Alex Bregman, 29-16, before the Mara-thon, 40-39 win over the Dodgers Joc Pederson who also tied the record with 29 in his semi-final opener with 3-extra swings, and forcing another best of three 4-minute round to face the Mets rookie. To his credit, Guerro Jr. knocked-out 91-homers, to Alonso’s 47.

Pittsburgh Pirates Josh Bell lost his opener to the Braves Ronald Acuna Jr.18-14, but did smash one 459 feet.

Remember if your going to go out for a Fall-Sport, you must get a physical and fill out a school packet before your aloud to practice.