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Spotlight: Brooke Johnson

By Staff | Jul 10, 2019

River’s Brooke Johnson is in the Sports Spotlight this week.

This weeks spotlight on an athlete is River senior Brooke Johnson. Brooke has played volleyball for two years, and is on the girls golf team last season and this upcoming season. We ask her a few questions about herself and below is what she answered.

What expectations do you have of yourself as a player, and what do you expect from your coach? I expect to do better in each match. I expect my coach to provide me with tips to play better when I’m not doing so well in a match and to help me overall perform.

What have you learned about teamwork from being on the team? I have learned that even though not every match might not be my best one but someone else might have had their best match so just to be happy for them and encourage them.

How does the team make you a better player? I learn tips, they are encouraging.

What words of advice or encouragement do they have to share with younger athletes? Just because you’re not great at the beginning does not mean that you won’t be great.

What coaches, teacher or other people have been great influences in your life and why or how? Justin Fetty my golf coach because we have a really good relationship. He can be brutally honest and I won’t get upset. My parents because without them I wouldn’t have even considered this sport.

What one word or phrase do you want people to associate with your name? Kind

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player in the sport(s) you play? Strengths: I’m determined to do better. Weakness: I’m mine my worst enemy.

What do the coaches/parents/other adults do that makes sports more enjoyable for you? My coach rewards us for achievements and improving our game.

In the bus ride home after the game do you like to talk about the game, or would you rather wait till later or the next day? I like to talk about it on the ride home but it depends on whether or not it was a good match.

What would you like to see, sports wise at your school that you don’t have already? To have an indoor net somewhere on campus so in the winter we can practice, because we do not have a place to practice during the winter.