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From My View For July 10

By Staff | Jul 10, 2019

I had the pleasure to watch the West Virginia Rough-Riders AAL Indoor Football Championship inside the WesBanco Arena in Wheeling last week, and came back a fan.

I thought I knew most of the rules in football, but I quickly have to brush up on Indoor Arena Football rules. Illegal defense, is one I must learn before next season as well as I didn’t know you could not punt to get out of a hole. I understand the field is only half the size, but thought you could do something else to get out of a hole. So I know that one, but I also thought when a team kicked-off and it split the uprights they would score a point. Wheeling did once, but I didn’t see it on the scoreboard. I’m going to check that one too.

There were more more rules that I didn’t know or understand, but I will learn.

The one thing I thought they should have had for first-timers like myself was a program for sale, or give reporters like myself to know who was who and where they played previously. The announcer did announce, but sometimes with fans having a good time andyelling, I couldn’t hear that well. (No Lynne, I didn’t have my hearing -aids in) The Rough-rider uniforms were nice, and I hope to get a jersey some day. The announcer was good and so was the team mascot.

The seat I sat at was awesome, but really in the WesBanco Arena there isn’t a bad seat. There was plenty of giveaways and it was really nice they had people throw out footballs to the fans, and believe it or not hot-dogs. When I entered the arena, they gave everyone a free rough-rider towel.

Most of the fans were outstanding and very supported of the players, I didn’t hear too many cat-callers in the stands, and after the game most of the fans stayed.

During the game when a football was thrown or kicked into the stands the fans got to keep the ball, how nice is that. I even caught one, and gave it to a boy just to the right of me. He was so happy, and even later came back to me with the ball and thanked me once again.

If I were to rate my first indoor football game, I would give it an A, and would have given them a A+ if they had a program.

The indoor football game was outstanding, and I was so proud of the way Jarrett Brown came back from a rough start to have a good game. The Rough-Rider defense was very good, especially the run defense. The tackling were suburb, and the home teams offense was real talented, especially former WVU players like Brown and Noel Devine.

It won’t be long that we will get back into football mode with the annual OVAC All-Star football game to signal that high school football is near.