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From My View For July 3

By Staff | Jul 3, 2019

Well my first week of retirement didn’t quite go as planned, as I still worked a few more hours that I wanted. I did, however, enjoy sleeping in and enjoying my hot-tub a lot more than when I was working steady hours.

With all of that being said, it was nice to see the Wetzel County Relay For Life do exceptional work, raising over $65,000, and they aren’t done yet. I believe they have until August to add to their total.

As always, Betty “Believers” Klug and her band of Believers have done an exceptional job not only raising money, but bringing in new and exciting people to their already outstanding committee.

They showed that Wetzel County supports the good works on how we fight cancer in this great county. However, we have people not only in Wetzel County lending a hand in helping our county raising money to help fight that deadly disease. We also have several from Monroe County and Tyler County who help out a lot, not only raising money, but being on the committee too for a very long time.

We need to thank people like Mrs. Klug, Judy Pastilong, and Ruth “The Truth” Longwell as well as many more too numerous to mention, for I know I will miss many others.

I was once on the committee years back when we raised over $100,000. If it wasn’t for these three and others, it would have never happened. I hope that these fine ladies stay fired up, and are able to get some newbies involved in helping keep the Wetzel County Relay For Life “TEAM” keep getting better and better, while keep raising funds to tackle and sack this crippling disease once and for all.

It has come to me a little while back that we have a 1,000-point scorer that hasn’t been identified from Magnolia in Tim Shepard. He scored 1,028-points. I believe he will be recognized during this winter season.

You know, its very hard to keep track of things like this, and that is why we “the media” need for coaches to give us stats. Not only for recognizing players like this, but for writing a story and giving players like Tim the recognition that he deserves.

It also helps those who would like to go on to college and have statistics to help them get into a college in getting a scholarship. It is very hard for coaches to do everything that is needed as a head coach of a high school team. However, when they are hired, they pledge to all that is required to do, and that also consists of giving stats to the media.

Mark Winters has moved from being the MHS girls basketball assistant coach to becoming the new boys basketball assistant coach along with Mark Blair and Larry West. I know Mark will be an excellent addition to what is already a great staff.

With coaches Dave Tallman, Blair, and West getting up there in age, we need to get some new blood more involved just like the Wetzel County Relay For Life committee.

However, there will be a vacancy on the girls basketball staff, and I’m putting a plug for Joey Asturi for that position. He is already an assistant coach at River High School, but has volunteered his talents as a defensive coach with the Lady Eagles the past several years, and already knows the girls, and its a perfect fit. I have never given a plug for a coaches job, but I feel that if its not broke don’t try to fix it and get someone else. However, I know that whoever the board choose will do an exceptional job.

With only five weeks left until we start up once again with high school fall sports, don’t forget to get physicals for any middle and high school athletes wanting to tryout for all the fall sports.

It has been a short sports break, and I will need to get upcoming schedules for both middle and high school fall sports. I have all of Magnolia, River, Hundred, and Valley high school fall sport schedules. However, I still need volleyball, soccer, golf, and cross country for Tyler Consolidated High School, as well as volleyball and football for their middle school. I also need schedules for football and volleyball from River, Short Line, and Long Drain Middle Schools.

I hear that numbers look very low at Valley in football. It has been the second highest in numbers in the Wetzel County area for years, until Hundred took it over the past several seasons. I hope that the numbers increase, and the kids come out. They were down very low last season, and I hope we can get the numbers up to be able to have a team. I was told the numbers were down in the weight room, every where, except for Paden City and Hundred.

Let’s go and get those numbers up in our Wetzel Chronicle area guys. I guess the numbers are also down in boys and girls soccer, too.

But on a positive note, Paden City and Hundred under newly hired football head coaches Zach Heasley and DJ Bryd, respectively, are up considerably.

Paden City had a 7on7 against Tyler Consolidated on a very hot and humid Thursday afternoon. Each team did very well. From the start the Silver Knights did their thing and scored early and often. However, the Wildcats had some good moments early on too.

Paden City made a pair of interceptions mid-way through the match, including one for a score, while also knocking down several nice would be Knight receptions.

Right afterwards, the ‘Cats went on offense and took the ball straight down on a bunch of passes, ending with a touchdown. I was impressed with both teams, but I was more excited about the Wildcats newly appointed Heads Coach Zach Heasley, as he was out there pumping up his offense and defense as well as showing them what they could have done on both the offense and defensive side of the ball.

The final thing I wanted to mention is that the Hundred Hornets cross country team in their second season will host a pair if meets in Hundred. The first one is on Sept. 24. It will be a straight meet where runners won’t make double-runs, and will travel from their football field and end up at Hundred High School. It should be a great meet for those wanting to be challenged. Their second meet will be on Oct. 15 when they host the Mason-Dixon Cross Country Championships, it should be a good one.