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From My View For June 26

By Staff | Jun 26, 2019

I just watched a walk-off triple play in college softball and got excited. I remembered the first triple play that I saw, as well as the one I heard at a Pittsburgh Pirate baseball game a couple years ago while I was out at the concession stand.

Not too many years ago I was covering a Magnolia baseball game at the Eagles ball field, back when Justin Fox was playing. He made an impossible play with the bases juiced, robbing a guy behind second base, and tossed it to second base for the second out while just nipping the guy at first on the relay throw.

The one at Pittsburgh, I took my sons Chris and Jeremy to the game for their birthday. I went to get something to eat and drink and heard the crowd go crazy, and the boys told me all about it. I believe that was the first triple play at the ball park too. Just amazing.

There has been many mind-blowing sports happenings that I have seen live or on television, and baseball had many.

During a Major League All-Sar game, I watched the great Pete Rose pound the American League catcher. He dropped the ball. That was good, but I felt bad as the catcher was never the same afterwards.

I also got to watch on TV the longest pro baseball all-star game, where neither team had any players left, except maybe one.

Also, I watched the Cincinnati Reds give the game away in the the World Series. I think it was on a two -out come-backer that the pitcher made a bad throw, tying the game before losing in extra innings.

Also, the Boston Red Sox muffing the ball at first and going on to lose the World Series. I was so bummed because that was my team that year.

I can’t remember all the amazing catches in the outfield and the great throws by Roberto Clemente and Dave Parker in right-field. Not only the throws, but the catches by Willy Mays in center-field – awesome behind the back basket catch.

Then Brooks Robinson of Baltimore Orioles. I’ve seen a few no-hitters too, so many that they are coming at me faster than I can write them down. Sports has always been fantastic to watch, including wrestling, bowling, race car driving, track, horse-shoes, swimming, cross county, football, cheerleading, golf, soccer, and volleyball.

Sports has been my life ever since grade school. I even caught a no-hitter in Legion baseball back in the day from my friend, Mike “Chip” Flannery, while playing against Sistersville. There’s just so many, but I will stop here, because I will get emotional, which is something I’m trying not to do, but it’s hard for me to do.

There, of course, are many other sporting events that I can talk about, but what is truly amazing is that Greg Swords and Bob Montgomery can remember who, what, when and why, dates and times.

They can recall who was on first, second, third and who was up to the plate what inning, the time, and who was umpiring . They have the great mind I wish I had.

Anyway, I can also put a few more guys in that category, but I will stop while I’m ahead. What I better put are sports editor Bubba Kapral in there too, along with Doug Huff. Great sports guys that have seen and know more than this guy.

I can’t wait to see more remarkable sports feats, and I hope you can too. But we must not hurry too much as there are sporting events everywhere, even in the back yard with you and your friends, like my best friend Mike Powell who also is a sports nut and who got me and my soul-mate together at his wedding. I will never forget that. Thank you, Mike.

If you have a sports memory you would like to tell me, I would love to here from you at bcrawford@wetzelchronicle.com. Remember this: we are human and we make mistakes, but the ones we remember the most are more special than others.

And by writing that, I remember the time I threw 21 ringers in a row as a teenager in horse-shoes, and I wasn’t on top of it either, just saying.