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Spotlight: Ali Long

By Staff | Jun 19, 2019

Ali Long

This week’s area Spot-Light Athlete of the Week is the Lady Pilots Ali Long. Ali has been part of the OVAC 2A basketball champions for the past two seasons, and could make a run next season. She is the most determined female player this news reporter has ever saw since the days of MHS Andrea Robinson.

This young lady doesn’t know the word give up, and fights for every loose ball that is within her reach. And yes, you better watch out because she will get there and rip it away. Sure there are better

ball players out there that can beat you offensively, but when Ali sets herself to get a ball, she will get it. She is a coaches player, because she will get you the ball, get that rebound or make that

steal if its needed. She has become better every season on her offense and this up-coming girls basketball season, she will look to improve even more.

She gets ready for the season by running cross country, where she is one of the teams top four runners, and will use the conditioning to help her in basketball. We asked Ali a few questions for those who don’t know her.

What are three reasons you like being part of a team sport? The friendships, the competition and being apart of something.

What is the best part about competing? How do your teammates make practice fun? Laughing. Instead of being mean to each other when someone makes a mistake, we laugh.

What emotions do you feel when you play well? Excitement. Who do you wish was watching you perform at every game or match? My parents.

What is your favorite song to listen to prior to competing? AC/DC Shoot to Thrill.

What is your favorite movie about sports? We are Marshall.

What qualities do you think make a teammate a good team captain? Strength and compassion.

How does being an athlete make you a better person? It teaches you self- discipline.

What is the one thing you always do after a good performance? Hug my dad.

What do you do to calm your butterflies while you compete? Listen for my mom saying “It’s alright Babe”.

If you could play another sport what would it be? volleyball.

What age were you when you started your sport? Preschool.

What is your favorite food to eat the night before a big competition? Manicotti

What one word describes you? Determined.

Who was your favorite coach and why? Amy Shreve because she’s so kind and supportive.

What do you give up to play sports? Time with my friends

What is your favorite place to compete? RL Potts gymnasium.

Do you think attitude is a factor in winning? yes.How does athletics make you a better student or worker? you have self- discipline.

If you could go back in time, what one person you would want to talk to for 30 minutes and why?

My grandma.