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From My View for June 19

By Staff | Jun 19, 2019

Vacations are nice and most of the time relaxing. I would love to hear some stories you had recently, during your vacations. There are a lot of different things people do during their vacations. Some go to the beach, while some go on a cruise, and some go to Florida to Disney, Epcot and Universal.

Some don’t go anywhere and just relax at home. Some go fishing, there are many places to fish at in our communities. Whatever you do or where ever you go, I would love to hear about it. Just tell us its and we can put it on our face-book page, and of course send a photo or two.

I know it is sometimes (most of the time) pricey no mater where you go and what you do. Lynne and I took the boys and did a lot of camping when they were all at home,we also took a trip to Florida. We aren’t beach people, we only went once and it was a disaster. My wife had contacts in, and the salt water in the air did a number on her eyes. Plus, my son Chris got stung by a star fish and that didn’t help much either.

And now since I will only be part-time we must watch how we spend our money and will only go big every other year or two.

However, I know some that go on excursions to Ball-Games, as well as fishing and concerts. You can’t go bad on any of these. However, its hard for some to go any where because their kids will be doing sports camps and clinics. It makes it hard to go somewhere far away because of some of these things. But, whatever the reason, you need to do something together and get refreshed, just remember, if your child goes out for any type of sports in the fall, they will need to get the sports-packet filled out and get a physical. Don’t wait too long because the fall sports will be here before you can whistle Dixie!

Also there are many area vacation Bible School meetings throughout June, July and some in August. Many just go to the pool and swim. There is loads of stuff to do and go too. Whatever floats your boat is what I would say, do it and be careful not to get hurt or get a traffic citation. (that won’t help your relaxation one bit).

Whatever it is I would love to hear about it, good or bad. Besides all of this, there are High School reunions, as fell as Family reunions, too. We got the New Martinsville River Boat regatta and the Wetzel County Relay For Life, as well as the Down-home Festival coming soon and the Wetzel, Tyler and Monroe County Fair. So if you don’t want to travel far, go see and hear good old-fashion down-home music.

One final thing, in the past I would give a player(s) a nick-name. Some took, and some didn’t. What is some nick-names you have used on friends and work-mates. What’s yours! bcrawford@wetzelchronicle.com