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Spotlight: The Lumberjills’ Jamie West

By Staff | Jun 12, 2019

This weeks athlete spot-light is senior to be Jamie West. All of Jamie’s men in her family have been coaches at one time or another, with her schools football field named after her grandpa, Tom West. Her dad “Jim” was the Head Baseball Coach and was an Assistant coach as well. He was the schools top rushing leader for many years until Trey Streets broke it a couple years ago.

So her family has been a major factor in the Lumberjacks winning tradition, and Jamie works her tail-off trying to make a difference in everything she does. She has been the girls top defensive player in basketball her first three season, and is the starting catcher in softball. She has speed to burn and gives everything she got, 24-7. She always have a smile on her face daily, and has more friends than Carter has liver-pills, as the saying goes.

She is excited for the season to start and is currently getting in shape to give it her all, when the season begins this coming fall. The sports department at the Wetzel Chronicle wanted to highlight this lovely young lady and ask her a few questions for our readers can know her a little bit before the season(s) gets underway, and this is what we asked and she responded.

What expectations do you have of yourself as a player, and what do you expect from your coach?

As a player, I always expect myself to try my hardest and to never give up. Always work as a team and never bring another teammate down. As for my coach, I expect for he/she to always believe in me and the rest of the team. I expect them to push us into doing our best.

What have you learned about teamwork from being on the team?

What I have learned about teamwork from being on a team is that teamwork is the most important strategy any team can use. A team can’t rely on one person, even if it is the best person on the team. A team must work together to achieve any goals.

How does the team make you a better player?

A team makes me a better because we all must work together. By working together, we accomplish our team goals which help me be a better player.

What foods do you have to give up during training?

I know I should be giving up more foods than what I do when Ii am in training, but I will never give up my chocolate cookies! Although, I do cut out certain dairy products and less fattening foods.

What words of advice or encouragement do they have to share with younger athletes?

Words of advice that I have for younger athletes is to be patient and work hard. You are not always going to start every game. There will be games where you won’t do your best. So work hard and be patient and it will all work out.

What coaches, teacher or other people have been great influences in your life and why or how?

Someone who has helped me be the athlete that I am today is a coach, teacher, and my father. He has worked with me in sports ever since I was little, even helped me with cheerleading! My dad has been such a great role model and I’m very thankful to have him there to help me.

What one word or phrase do you want people to associate with your name?

Jamey- a good friend and teammate

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player in the sport (s) you play?

My weaknesses as a player when I am in the game is that during warmups, I get nervous. Although, my strength is that when I am in the game, I block everything out and I stay focused.

What do the coaches/ parents/ other adults do that makes sports more enjoyable for you?

The coach makes it more enjoyable by pumping us up before every game and giving a good pep talk. Parents and other adults make the sport enjoyable by always cheering us on from the stands.

What do the coaches/ parents/ other adults do that makes sports more stressful and less enjoyable?

What the coaches do that make the sport more stressful and less enjoyable is the long practices and a lot of running. What parents and other adults do that makes is more stressful is them always yelling from the stands when half of them have never played the sport.

In the bus ride home after the game do you like to talk about the game, or would you rather wait till later or the next day?

Normally, I don’t ride the bus home from the game. I usually ride home with my dad and we talk about what I did good and what I did bad and then we drop it and move on.

What are your goals for your team next season in both basketball and softball, and how do you plan on achieving your team goals?

My goals for my team next season are to learn from our mistakes and to get better each game. You can’t worry about our record or score, leave the game knowing you tried your best and it will all pay off in the end.

What is something about you that most people don’t know?

Something that most people don’t know about me is that I learned how to be a good athlete from my older brother and sister. They were both good athletes in high school and have taught me so many new things.

What would you like to see, sports wise at your school that you don’t have already?

A new softball field!

If you could change a rule or school policy, what would it be and why?

In softball, you should get four strikes. In basketball, you should get six fouls.

Who is your favorite collegiate or professional sports hero?

Josh Bell from the Pirates is mt favorite sports hero because he goes out in every game and tires his hardest.

I know your a very busy girl that is in a lot of after school activities, while playing multiple sports. This will be your fourth year cheerleading, could you tell the readers what you guys do day-in-and-day out to keep you guys in cheer-leading shape, as well as getting prepared for the football season?

In cheerleading season, we go to training more than once a week for competition. Out of all the training we do, I get the same amount if not more soreness in my muscles from training and working out. Out of the three sports I do, cheerleading is the most tiring. We have the lift girls up in the air and do a lot of flips. It is a lot of hard work.