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From My View for June 5

By Staff | Jun 5, 2019

Memorial Day is a day we reflect on those who have paid the ultimate price (their life) so we may have the freedoms we have. I tried my best going to Steelton and then over to Hannibal Locks and Dam to catch the Memorial Day services. Both were at 10 a.m. So I went over to Hannibal where my good friend and former teacher Jim Miller and Post 760 put on another outstanding service.

The River High Alumni Band and some future RHS Band students played out-standing Patriotic music, along with a wonderful Taps. The Taps always gets to me, and I think about my father, and my uncle Hobert who was also a prisoner of war, plus my other uncles and my father in-law Gerald “Jug” Blair who all who have left this earth.

After returning home and still thinking of my father, I received a phone call from a father whose sons name I had misspelled in the paper, almost a week ago.

His name was correctly spelled in the story and was also mentioned in the Athlete of the Week along with another athlete with having fine performances. The problem occurred because I wrote down a name of another athlete I wrote about in earlier years and I mistakenly used it. Unsually when this happens the family doesn’t say anything until later or when I see them at a game, but I need to know if I write the wrong name down because I want to get it right.

The worse one I did was Justin Fox, I don’t know how many times I called Justin, Zach. He and his parents are top notch people and I think the world of them. Zach, (I mean Justin) went over and above for me. He knew I wanted the best for all my area athletes and waited to put him in the paper when he decided to play baseball at WVU. He made it to the minor leagues and I wrote about it so I could share it with his parents, something I always try to do.

I try to be fair with the area athletes, but getting a nasty call on Memorial Day and hearing he’s glad I’m retiring takes the cake.

The man even went as far to say I didn’t stay and take his sons photo when he got his award. I don’t know if you know how it works, we just don’t stand beside the place where they pass out the awards.

I wish I had been there, he is a nice boy along with his parents and that would have been nice to do for them. I try to do it whenever I go to the state track meets. Ask the kids they know.

Better yet, and I’m not bragging I was the first person he saw after he won. I walked as fast as I could to congratulate him and hand him a water. He was awesome and told me he never ever wins and to beat a pair of guys he has never beat before was as high in life as you can get. I t was awesome and just because of that alone I should have put him in as Athlete of the Week. But, I didn’t and I wish I had, but really the worse thing is calling my house, yes I’m retiring, but I will still be working part-time. I’m sorry, but If I or anyone does something your not happy with, don’t wait a couple of days and call on a day like Memorial Day.

I’m sorry his first name was misspelled in the cut-line. Call work and we will make it right. Not just sports anything we do. Its our area newspaper and we want everything right, but we are not perfect and sometimes others who double-checks, they miss some too.

I don’t think you want us to call you at your home and give you grief. As a Christian and a person that wants to build our youth, I’m sorry. If you see something we do wrong, we want you to tell us, but do it at work, not at home, it was really hard to finish off the day.