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From My View For May 29

By Staff | May 29, 2019

Well I tried, but our new editor Ed Parsons wants me to stay around a little longer and wanted me to continue to write a column as well as some spotlight on athletes till the sports season gets back in late July and August.

I will still be working full-time till June 15, when I will then only be part-time.

If you have an athlete you would like to see me spotlight on an athlete, please send me their name and how I can get a hold of them by face-book or email, and phone number.

I want to do as many as I can, but I would like to do one female and one male each week and want it to equally-divided.

Please send the name and how I can get a hold of them to bcrawford@wetzelchronicle.com. And just as easy my face-book at Bruce Crawford.

I was hoping that the Big Bad Blue Eagles boys track team would win the WVSSAC Class-A title, but I’m not greedy runner-up is also special. Congrats to Coaches Emch and Meeks you guys were awesome. I didn’t get into track very much until regional and the state tournament. I only went two a pair of track meets up until the regional; and state. I know I didn’t get to highlight River, Valley, Hundred track Teams meets much this season. I hope who-ever takes over can do better. But, what would help is for these school’s to get in the WTTL a couple times during the season so we can get you guys in. When we have to wait till Monday to get results, we can’t get them done in time, and with their meets on Tuesday, we have ample time to get a story done and go get some pics.

I also want to go on record that the River and Magnolia softball teams, religiously had game stats available to me the next day without asking, thank you so much.

The Hundred baseball team also was solid in getting end stats without to much nagging by me. The Valley baseball team after getting with game-changer was also solid in getting me stats before closing the door because of not enough players to field a team. You baseball and softball teams need to try this game-changer out its great to use, and get stats to write a story.

I loved every-aspect of the baseball and softball season. I was very impressed on how Magnolia Head Coach Dave Cisar and Vance Ash coached the team, from the start to the last game.

The highlight of the baseball season was their come-from behind Sectional win against St Marys. Things like that doesn’t happen often, unless its Cisar and Ash at the helm, making it happen to a very young team. My hats off to you both. And the same goes to the Hundred Hornets baseball team. They have come a long way in a very short time. Just you wait, I believe they have turned the corner on all their sports, and will start challenging the bigger teams sooner than later and that’s all because of thepeople in charge. You know who you are. I hope and pray you continue to move forward and hope you find the right young man or women for the football job, ASAP.

I’m not sure what I will be doing next sports season, but I told them I will help get the football tab and schedule booklet out. From there, I don’t have a clue what will happen. I just know I will not be around a bunch, but you will see me around, just enough to keep me out of trouble.

But, if I can ask for one thing, keep the faith, kids in the Wetzel Chronicle area are top notch with outstanding parents and even better grandparents. Don’t miss an opportunity to see your kids/grand-kids play, you will be glad you did. If I have taken a photo of one of your loved ones playing that was my top priority, your welcome, it was my pleasure.

Something needs to be done and soon. My daughter-in-law Alaina was coming out from McDonalds in New Martinsville after getting some food to take home for lunch and hit a big POT-HOLE and jarred her as well as pop-out her front bumper, and some of the bottom part below the motor came down.

Anyway to make a story short she called the people that is responsible, and they won’t do anything about it. It happens so much that the police don’t even come down to check things out. They have better things to do, but something needs done before someone really gets injured, just fix the pot-holes.

Maybe it might take people to not go to these places like this until its fixed, is one thing that the businesses starts complaining that they are losing patronage.

Its everywhere, just not as you leave McDonald’s and go out by the red-light. Pot-holes in general needs filled and fixed correctly so it won’t keep on happening so often.