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From My View For May 8

By Staff | May 8, 2019

Once upon a time there was a team without a coach and a coach without a team, and a team without a field. How do you keep a coach without a team, and a team without a coach, and a team without a field?

We have all that in Wetzel County and more, but its a shame we can’t keep a coach, and even worse a coach without a team, and a team without a field.

Let’s take this in steps.

There was a team that had a coach, but didn’t have a field.

Hundred High School had both a team and a coach, but didn’t have a field to play football, baseball and track, due to the bad weather and flooding the Hornets lost their field that the county didn’t own.

And the county school board went and bought some land to put a brand-new football field for the kids to play on. Then a flood came and destroyed the field, and the rest was history.

Hundred played road games until the field was playable. But hard work paid off, and the kids got to play a full season on their own field.

However, they still didn’t a have a field of their own in baseball for a few years.

Again with the help of a solid board of education, it found a piece of land not to far from the school to build a “Field Of Dreams.” Since its been operational, the Hornets have went 3-1 at the time of this column and have out-scored their opponents, 46-18. They have a place that is big enough for the softball team and big enough to host a cross county meet.

How does one keep a coach for more than a season or two, as all four county schools have somewhat of a problem.

The Magnolia girls soccer team has seen this a lot since I had coached them. The state has helped after I was coaching. The state put in a rule to help keep non-teachers that can’t be removed if a qualified and certified teacher wants the job. This has helped the non-teacher to hang around, and that is good for them.

The bad thing about it is the non-teaching coach isn’t at school to keep the kids in-line, and check if they are doing their work in school.

The bad thing for both the teaching coach and the non- teaching coach is their players’ parents get involved on and off the field. The fans are not disciplined enough and it’s a big headache not just for the coaches, but the referees, umpires along with the school’s staff. We need for one thing – for the umpires, referee and judges to do their job and stop the nonsense.

In basketball, the referees need to clean it up. Period. Don’t let the coaches get up from the bench, keep them on the benches.

When they are standing up, their emotions hit, and they become someone else most of the time. The next thing we need to have is for the home school to police the crowd and tell fans they must behave or suffer a penalty, like kick-them out, and if they do it again kick them out for the season.

How about a coach without a team. Kids don’t come out to play to sit the bench, they want to feel part of a team, but the ones that want to play should play if they have the grades and aren’t a distraction at practice.

However, the kids are not stupid. They know the coaches won’t discipline them because they know that they are better than the ones sitting the bench, the coach isn’t going to do a thing. That comes from not having many kids come out to participate, so the coaches will still use them. The way to fix that is have the coaches do their job and set the uncoachable athletes down. Most of these kids just want to be part of a team, but there is a few that will go on to bigger-and-better-things.

It’s sad because, we as a whole, still want to win not just in a sporting contest, but in life too. There is not one thing that will help when you have a small school with not very many playing sports. And believe it or not we have some of the best coaches in the valley if not in the state.

We now have a team and a coach and a field, but not using the field because ???? don’t want to work to host it. Hundred, Paden City, River and Valley high schools don’t have a track to host a meet, let alone practice, they just practice anywhere they can. If you got a place, use it, that’s what it’s for. These other schools would have loved to have a place to host meets.

I’m a loss for words on this one.

Lets talk a little about the Magnolia Baseball Field (The George Mullett Baseball Complex).

We have one of the best, if not the best high school coach, in Dave Cisar who by the way is in his 46th season as the Blue Eagles’ head coach, who is closing in on 900 wins. They have a decent complex, but they haven’t spruced it up in awhile. There are wasps and yellow-jackets everywhere. They have added nice bleachers on both the visitors and home side, but something is missing. I can’t put my finger on it, but whatever it is, we need to spruce the place up.

Not taking anything away from Coach Cisar, Vance Ash and Brian Castilow, they work harder than anyone in the state, but we spend money all over the place and we can’t make the George Mullett Baseball Complex look like a top-notch field. We need baseball to get back with the program and having a nice place to call home is the first step in rebuilding out baseball program.

The girls softball has one of the best if not the best field of any high school in the tri-state besides the turf fields in Doddridge County. Lets share in the wealth and spread it around.

I really can fault anyone at all, but I think the world of Magnolia baseball and Coach Cisar. If someone can put a finger on it, I would love to hear from you. Before its too late, let’s give the George Mullett Baseball Complex a faceift, starting with getting rid of those pests, and add a tad of paint.

One last thing, if you as an athlete get beat, do you suck it up and practice or do you quit because you got beat by a team you thought you should beat? And how about the parents, are you telling your kids “yea go ahead and quit because its not fun for you anymore?” This type of stuff gets be boiling sometimes. Just work harder. PERIOD. Don’t take the easy way out, stay and get better. You can’t do this in the real world.