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From My View For May 1

By Staff | May 1, 2019

I watched the first round of the NFL Draft and was happy to see the Steelers move up and select Devin Bush at #10.

They really needed a inside linebacker that can do the things that Ryan Shazier could do before getting hurt. We will see if it works out, but don’t count out the Cleveland Browns either.

The Browns did very well in the off season getting one of the top wide receivers in football, while the Steelers lost the best wide-receiver and the best running-back too.

But that’s NFL football. I saw my first and most likely my last NFL game, it was awesome and I couldn’t have seen a better offensive show than that, thank-you, Ryan Yeager.

He, myself and two of my three sons like the Steelers. Of course we like others, but the Steelers are my team. I have liked the Seahawks once, as well as the Miami Dolphins when Bob Griese was quarterback. But, have been a Steeler fan forever.

Since the NFL letting players kneel, It hasn’t been the same.

If there was a good movie on, I would watch that instead of watching an NFL game, and still do unless it’s a Steeler game.

Before you know it, high school football will be starting, unbelievable isn’t it? It just seemed it was only a month or two we were watching and covering high school fall sports.

I will still be covering a good many games this coming fall season, but not as many. But let’s not get to much ahead of ourselves, and finish the spring season first before talking football, volleyball, cross county, golf as well as boys and girls soccer.

It was prom night with Hundred, Magnolia Paden City and River over the weekend, and our kids really dress-up nice.

Not only was there four proms going on at the same time, it was turkey season and boy was there a lot of big gobblers harvested this spring.

Girls softball will be in full-swing this week, as Magnolia girls will have played (weather permitting) Monday evening against Crestview, and the story won’t go in Wednesday because our-deadline for the week is Monday afternoon. I hope we will have some great news to report next Wednesday along with the West Virginia softball sectionals.

I’m sad to say that the Valley Lumberjacks baseball season is no-more as they only have 7-8 players willing to finish the season, and you must have nine to start.

After this week, the boys baseball sectionals start along with OVAC Track and Regional track, and high school regional tennis too.

On Saturday morning, my wife and I took our grandson out to Pine Grove for the annual Youth SAL Fishing Derby. He didn’t catch anything, but for the first time out I thought he did very well. Talking about do things well, the annual Fishing Derby in right up there with the best.

Because of the weather, only 91 was out, but the ones that did, had loads of fun. Last season they had their largest ever with more than 140 in attendance. They gave out free to all the young boys and girls fishermen a very nice fishing pole and tackle box, and if that wasn’t enough, they had lots of food to eat.

I don’t want to name names, because I know I will forget someone. Thanks. It started my day off pretty good, and it stayed that way all day long.

Catching the first fish was at 8-12 years of age was Issie Stillwagner, and Paisley Bartrug hauling in the biggest fish at 1 pound 5.18oz.

1-7 age bracket was Paisley Bartrug in first place; second place went to Braxton Campbell, 10.14 oz; and Rriody Wichterman ar 10.12 oz.

8-12 age. First place went to Allen Cain at 10.34 oz; second place was Issie Stillwagner 3.8 oz. And third was Elizabeth Ashcraft at 2.58 oz. (Mud puppy).

In the 13-18 age bracket, it was Adden Kuhn at 1 pound. 05 oz. And second place, Jamie Wade at 4.58 OZ. mud puppy.

The annual Fishing derby is on the last Saturday in April, so let’s get your kids out and set a new record next year with more than 140 kids.