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By Staff | Apr 10, 2019

There were a lot of area sports played last week. I saw a good many of them; I haven’t gotten too many photos of the girls tennis team, and I hope to get that accomplished very soon, so I can put some pictures with their stories.

I also got to watch a college baseball game live in Morgantown and it was special, as the Mountaineers won in extra innings. Also I got to watch some of the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball games on television, as well as a little Pittsburgh Penguins hockey. I even had time to watch a little bit of the Pirates and Reds.

I did miss some very good high school track meets and was happy to see the Hundred Hornets’ Katherine Henderson win the high points award at the Rush Invitational. And she even found time to play in the OVAC All-Star Game at Ohio University Eastern along with the Hornets’ Travis McCoy and the Wildcats’ Matt Saxon, and Hannah Loy, as well as Magnolia’s Aquera Cabral, and the Lady Pilots’ Lauren Flannery

Trying to figure out score-sheets from many area teams has been a feat in itself. But, I’m not blaming anyone, but we do need for some people to step up and do that job. It’s a thankless job, I know, but its one that is necessary for our kids to get the exposure in the paper, as well as end of season stats that college coaches are looking for to try to get them to go to their college or university.

The good thing is that most of the time, if not all the time, you get into the game without having to pay, but the bad thing you must watch everything and write it down on the score-sheet. I believe that all score-keepers in baseball and softball need some guidance into how to keep the book. Some are spot-on, but some are just doing it to help the team out, and that is okay too.

With all my schools I cover, mostly in Class A, baseball has a pitching rule that you have to keep track on how many pitches he has thrown as well, it’s hard enough that Class A teams competing with larger school that have a lot more kids to use to help with the pitching rules on how many you can throw.

And I have seen that the WVSSAC has opted to try a four-basketball only championship for two seasons. If the state board of education accepts it will begin next year, more on that subject when it comes down or not.

It was also nice that the Hundred Hornets baseball team got to play a game in Washington Wild Things Stadium. It was just as nice that they won the game. If you haven’t noticed Hundred is not a push-over anymore. They compete as hard as anyother team, and do work harder than ever to be able to play with many of our quality teams in every sport. They have turned the corner, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to cover them.

Another thing and it’s a big one, I’m going to do a column on mothers. I would love for my sports readers to send me a picture of you and your mother. I will put these photos on my Facebook page and will hope you can give me a little insight about your mother, and make it mushy if you want too.

I haven’t ever done a column on this subject and I hope that I can put some into my column before and after Mother’s Day, so guys and gals, let’s get with the program and let’s talk mothers.