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By Staff | Mar 28, 2019

Dreams are defined by a series of thoughts, images, and sensations while asleep.

After listening again to my preacher Ed Melott at the Steelton Church of Christ, I went home and took a little out of his sermon and thought I would write my column about dreams.

I had one Saturday, and it went hand-in-hand with some of what he was preaching on.

My dream, or better yet a nightmare, woke me up from a sound sleep, when I thought I was choking on a toothpick that I had broken in my mouth.

I know not to roll a toothpick in my mouth, but I still do it once in awhile.

I tried to analyze the dream (something I try to do) and figure out why I dreamed what I did. I watch many of my area athletes that play, and have noticed many chew on a toothpick while they are shooting a foul shot, taking a look-see on a catcher giving signs, and runners preparing to run a race.

We all know that having something sharp in our mouth is bad, and it is even worse when we chew and sometimes break it.

Most times it doesn’t get caught, but sometimes it does. Then we are lucky we are still here.

Most of us has a conscience (at least I hope we do). We know not to steal, and our conscience kicks in and says, “You know better,” and we don’t do it.

Yet, even though we know something might be wrong, we still sometimes do it.

Someone or something tells you, “It’s all right. No one is looking, and you won’t get caught.”

If you don’t get caught then, you will someday. Don’t take a chance.

This is the same for people who do drugs. They may think “It didn’t hurt me the first time, and I didn’t get caught.”

If your conscience doesn’t kick-in, I’m sorry for you.

Every day, we see people get caught taking drugs or driving while intoxicated, and then they go to jail or prison.

If you know these things, why still do them?

We see these situations with every type of wrongdoing. Sometimes we just cave in and don’t cooperate with our conscience, and we do wrong anyway.

When it happens, try to make it right.

We have someone we can go to. Pray and ask for forgiveness, and take it to heart.

Don’t do it again, and help someone you know who might be struggling.

Talk some sense into them.