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Lady Hornets Looking to the Future

By Staff | Nov 21, 2018

Photo by Bruce Crawford Pictured is the 2018-19 Hundred Hornets Girls’ Basketball Team.

The Hundred Hornets Girls Basketball team looks to build for the future with two freshmen starters, but the team will still be competitive with two returning senior starters and a sophomore starter, to mesh with a 13-player roster to begin the season.

Katherine Henderson and classmate sidekick Emily Metz are the seniors who will help bring up the young Lady Hornets. Henderson is the most gifted player on the team, while Metz can, and will, do it all to get the Hornets ready for action.

Henderson and Metz have been the Hornets’ one-two punch for the last couple of years, and it looks like they will be once more. However, you can’t forget the team’s 5-11 sophomore center Mahalah Britton, who can, and will, score in a hurry.

Britton is a great inside threat that can score and rebound, while making a name for herself on defense with her shot blocking ability. She is also a pretty talented foul shooter who can deliver the ball to her teammates too.

To round out the starters, the Hornets coaching staff of Steve Dakan and LeeAnn Snedden will look to freshmen Adde Tuttle and Rachel Snedden to bring the ball up.

They have the skill to do so, along with handling any presses that comes their way.

With these two ladies meshing with Henderson, Metz, and Britton, the Hornets have the makings of a pretty good starting five.

But the young Hornets will need a nice bunch of teammates to fill in and give the starters a break. They do have a pair of returning senior letter winners in Tori Hawkins and Brittany Mars.

Hawkins, who looks to be the first off the bench, has been working on her ball handling and passing during the summer, while fine-tuning her shooting skills. Mars is another gem coming off the bench as well, and will give the Hornets a pair of upper-classmen to give Hundred some reliable bench support.

With no juniors on the squad, sophomores Destiny Patterson, Kayla Davis and Kayla Matthews will provide some added bench support on the varsity team, as well as leadership on the junior varsity team.

Patterson is a new player who looks to get better every day and provide some added depth, while Davis and Matthews can shoot the rock, shuffle their feet and play some good old-fashioned defense.

The Hornets do have three more freshmen on the team in Allie Hawkins, Kayla Aracich and Brooke Yoho who also looks to give the Hornets stability on both the junior and varsity teams. Yoho looks to spell Britton at center. She runs the floor well and can shoot the short jumper, as well as box out and defend.

If Henderson and Metz can slide over and let the freshman bring the ball down court, it will give Hundred some added punch come late in the game, by keeping them fresh and out of foul trouble. It will also give them more freedom to shoot the ball and open the paint for Britton to score.

Meanwhile, it will make them a better defensive team also, as Henderson and Metz, along with Britton, will keep most teams from scoring in bunches. If somehow the freshmen get in trouble bringing the ball down on the press, it’s nice to have Henderson and Metz there to lend a helping hand.

In doing so, the Hornets, for the first time in years, have the team that can press and give opposing teams fits, which will lead them into higher scoring nights for the Lady Hornets.

“We are a young team and are looking to build a nice program, but we are not giving up on the season; we will get better every day,” said HHS Head Coach Steve Dakan. “I like what I see and what I have. All these girls have worked extremely hard over the summer, and I just hope it pays off with more wins than losses.”

If Tuttle and Snedden can handle the load, and the threesome of Henderson, Metz and Britton do their thing, the Hornets will be stinging more than being stung this season.

Prediction: 11-11